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I would like to be a part of your prestigious organization as a specialist Internal medicine- I have accumulated enormous experience all these years not only in my specialty but also in other perspects of this field and I believe I can add a lot to the company. As a senior hospitalist internal medicine & ICU ,I was responsible for evaluating the patient clinically ,ordering pertinent labs and ordering the treatment plan for the patient. Responsible for seeing patients in emergency department, overseeing ward and ICU patients-As a team leader in the code blue team I have a vast experience of dealing with critically ill patients. Also collaborating with the cardiology team for STEMI patients and directing them to the cath lab- Played an active role in ICU as well as wards during covid 19 era-Apart from the clinical duties I have been the associated with MBRU as an adjunct faculty and as their academic co ordinator -teaching medical students Here are some of my recent results: I have completed my postgraduation training in Internal medicine and have obtained MRCPI I hold specialist internal medicine license from DHA I also have registration with the Irish medical council Being multilinguistic helps me to approach patients with variable cultural backgrounds Best regards Dr Samira Shah Nawaz 0529958586

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