University of Malaya

Established in 1962, the University of Malaya is Malaysia’s oldest university, though it has its roots in Singapore dating back to 1905. Over 3,000 international students from over 85 countries have been hosted by the University. It is the only Malaysian university that has been placed in the top 1% of world’s universities.
The University of Malaya has bagged a number of prestigious awards, such as Taiwan Fellowship 2018, Distinguished Woman in Management and Outstanding Woman in Humanities and Social Sciences Awards 2018. As one of the leading research universities in Asia, it has over 60 research centres.
The student support team of the University offers consistent attention and guidance to students, helping them with their academic queries, health counselling and scholarship and financial assistance. Through the University’s ‘scholarships and loans unit many international students get the opportunity to study with financial aid. 
Based in Kuala Lumpur, the University’s 750-acre campus lies in the heart of the city. Home to over 27,000 students and 1,700 academic staff, the University has set a high standard. It is often the first choice of every Malaysian student, and international students find it beneficial to study there. In addition to the multi-cultural community the University offers, students can choose to partake in several activities and visit different places in and around the campus – ‘UM Living Lab ‘Field Studies Centre’ and ‘Experimental Farm’ to name a few.
PrinTis is a new project that has been implemented to replace the existing Student Information System and Student Accounting System. This project aims to:
Eliminate unnecessary manual processes, circulation of paper documents and more.
Deliver services that are useful to the students.
Reduce the number of peripheral student systems, and associated support costs.
Living lab
This project is one of a kind; its user-driven, action-oriented and inter & trans-disciplinary research approach is the key to achieve this objective, with research outcomes going beyond the usual emphasis on ISI-papers and generation of intellectual property.
The philosophy behind the Living Lab idea is to convert university campuses to Living Labs. Treating the University as a Living Lab involves using the University’s research capabilities to solve sustainability issues relating to its infrastructure and practices. Living Lab in a university context fosters applied research and education by using the campus to test real‐time sustainability solutions, offering opportunities to all university stakeholders to turn theory into practice, and enabling students to achieve greater engagement with their study material and a more well‐rounded educational experience.
University of Malaya is home to more than 3,000 international students, from over 85 countries at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. UM has been estimated to be the only Malaysian University in the world’s top 150 universities, with 60 research centres under 6 clusters. The University stands at the 114th position, with regard to the QS world University Rankings, and it strives to ensure its teaching standards help its students gain real-world knowledge.
The Academic Division at the University is responsible for providing support services in academic matters to its students.
The University’s teaching demonstrates knowledge and skills in all offered fields of study. UM is home to innovative courses that teach professional practices, critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem-solving solutions.
The University of Malaya offers extensive scholarship schemes for international students as a compliment to their academic achievement.
Graduate Research Assistantship Scheme
The Graduate Research Assistantship Scheme is available for international candidates under the HIR Grant or IPPP Grant (Institute of Research Management & Monitoring). The HIR Grant (High Impact Research) is an internal grant from the University of Malaya, to fund projects that result in publication of manuscripts in Tier 1 ISI/Web of Science journals. The Graduate Research Assistantship Scheme has a fee waiver for international students. Students are appointed as Research Assistants and get admission from the University. The Graduate Research Assistantship Scheme is valid for 2 years for Master Programmes, and 3 years for PhD programmes.

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