Kabul University of Medical Sciences

The delegation of KUMS included Prof. Shirin Aqa Zarif Chancellor of KUMS, Prof. Mahmood Gul Kohdamani acting director of the Heart Institute of KUMS, Prof. Ahmad Shaiq Nadeemi heart surgeon in Heart Institute of KUMS, Dr. Abdul Samad Omar coordinator of cooperation actions between KUMS and France.
The aim of the mission was meeting authorities of the University of Auvergne Clermont and signing the cooperation agreement which has been preceded through the ministries of Justice, Foreign affairs and Higher Education of Afghanistan and finalized to be signed by KUMS and Auvergn Clermont Universitie (ACU) authorities.
On 20th December 2107 the KUMS delegation met authorities of Auvergne Clermont University ACU and Clermont Ferrand University Hospital (CFUH) including Prof. Mathias Bernard Chancellor of ACU, Mr.Dedier Holtgen the general director of CFUH, Prof. Pierre Clavelou the responsible of Medical and paramedical UFR at CFUH, the chief of the Urology Department of ACU, Prof. Vincent Sapin the director of International Relation of ACU and some other responsible of International Relation department at ACU.
The chancellor of KUMS had a speech in which he mentioned about long history of relations and cooperation between France and KUMS/ KMU /Faculty of Medicine of Kabul, expressed his thankful feeling for France side support, stated about crucial needs of KUMS for cooperation and hoped for continuation of these scientific, academic and cultural relations between two universities. The chancellor of ACU also emphasized for establishment of cooperation between two universities and stated about the importance of these kinds of cooperation for both side contribution to help patients and development of friendship between both countries. He expressed also his commitments to support KUMS and its related hospitals for their staff capacity building.
The cooperation agreement was signed by two universities authorities for 5 years.
The KUMS delegation visited different sections of ACU and CFHU.  
Health in Afghanistan has improved since 2009 but increasing instability and armed replica watches conflict pose serious threats to sustaining successes that include reduced maternal mortality and improved diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and chronic disease. Afghan university faculty are educating the
future healthcare workforce in Afghanistan with extremely limited institutional and human resources. The purpose of this University partnership between Kabul University of Medical Sciences (KUMS) and the University of Minnesota (UMN) is to strengthen the KUMS faculties of midwifery, anesthesiology,
medical lab technology, and dentistry. These four faculties were identified by the administration of KUMS as priority foci based on internal (e.g., faculty skills and capacity) and external (e.g., existing healthcare workforce gaps) needs. This presentation describes the initial and ongoing development of
this unique and vital international university partnership.
Description: The KUMS-UMN partnership began in 2017 with support from the University Support and Workforce Development Program (USWDP). Twenty-one faculty members met to confirm partnership goals. KUMS faculty requested (1) short courses (e.g., technical knowledge and skills; instructional design and use of simulation; research methodologies), (2) university and clinical site visits to observe teaching models in different settings, and (3) a faculty peer internship program. The short courses and site visits are planned in countries accessible by the Afghan and American faculties which have faculty and clinical sites illing to collaborate. The meeting included instruction on simulation, and interactive simulation exercises that provided a unique relationship-building opportunity for the KUMS and UMN faculty. The faculty came to common understanding over the week-long intensive meeting. Conversations yielded consensus about faculty development needs, resources, and opportunities, an activity plan, and evaluation strategy. Post-evaluations for the workplan meeting were overwhelmingly positive, with faculty affirming objectives were met, and describing appreciation for the balance among workplan, simulation, and relationship-building sessions.  Quotes here 100 % to report?
Conclusions: International university partnerships require administrative support, and committed faculty willing to learn from one another. This KUMS-UMN faculty partnership has potential to significantly advance the capacity of the Afghanistan healthcare workforce, and to positively influence the health of the Afghan people.

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