University of Lome

Since its opening in September 1970, the University of Lomé has seen an increase in the number of its institutions and an exponential growth in the enrollment of registered students.
The University of Lomé initially had five schools, namely the Ecole des Lettres (EDL), the Higher School of Administration and Legal Careers (ESACJ), the Ecole Supérieure des Techniques Economiques et de Gestion (ESTEG) the School of Science (EDS) and the School of Medicine (EDM).
It currently has fifteen (16) establishments including 6 Faculties, 5 Schools, 3 Institutes and 2 Training Centers, all divided into seven areas of training with the introduction of the LMD (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate) system since 2009. These include Humanities and Social Sciences (SHS), Political and Administrative Law Sciences (SJPA), Agronomic Sciences (SA), Health Sciences (SS), Economics and Management (SEG), Arts and Languages ​​(LLA), Science and Technology (ST).
The institutions of the University of Lomé are
- Faculty of Languages ​​and Arts (FLLA)
- Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FSHS)
- Faculty of Law (FDD);
- Faculty of Science (FDS);
- Faculty of Economics and Management (FASEG)
- Faculty of Health Sciences (FSS), former Mixed Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (FMMP).
- Higher School of Management Secretariat (ESSD)
- School of Medical Assistants (EAM)
- Higher School of Agronomy (ESA)
- Ecole Supérieure des Techniques Biologiques et Alimentaire (ESTBA)
- National School of Engineers (ENSI).
- National Institute of Education Sciences (INSE)
- Institute of Information Sciences, Communication and Arts (ISICA);
- University Institute of Management Technologies (IUT-G).
Training Centers
- Computing and Computing Center / Inter-African Training Center for Micro-Informatics Maintenance (CIC-CAFMICRO)
- Continuing Education Center (CFC).
Apart from these institutions of classical and professional training, the University of Lomé has since 2011 a House of Entrepreneurship.
- initial and further training at the higher level
- scientific research and technological development, as well as the valorisation of its results
- dissemination and popularization of the culture of scientific and technical information
- the provision of services in the context of training and research;
- scientific, technical and cultural cooperation.
It should be recalled that the institution took over from the Center for Higher Education in Benin, an institution common to former Dahomey and Togo. The Center for Higher Education of Benin became the University of Benin in 1970. This denomination was amended by decree n ° 2001-094 / PR of 09 March 2001, changing the name University of Benin to University of Lomé.
The University of Lomé was the only public university in Togo until 1999. It was assisted in 1999 by the University of Kara created by Decree No. 099-011 / PR of 21 January 1999. The University of Lomé will commemorate in 2014 its forty - four years of existence.
Since May 11, 2016, the University of Lomé has been led by Pr Komla Dodzi KOKOROKO, appointed by presidential decree. 
The President shall direct the University and its educational, administrative and technical departments and control its operation. He exercises the hierarchical and appointment power over all the personnel under his authority.
The First Vice-President is responsible for research and academic affairs, while the Second Vice-President administers academic life.
To ensure the smooth running of the institution, there are now twelve (12) central services.

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