Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University will mobilize all fields of knowledge—science, medicine, engineering, humanities, social sciences, the arts, business and management—to offer the highest quality of university education and multidisciplinary research, to create informed and engaged citizens, and to benefit society at large.

Developing the pedagogical and scientific transdisciplinary approaches needed to understand complex and wide-ranging problems, for example: medicine is increasingly calling on engineering; archeology is in need of chemistry; and history is in need of science.

Fostering the success of each and every student: Degree programs are offered at a variety of levels and difficulties and activities favoring employability and student entrepreneurship have been developed.

Increasing international cooperation to consolidate the excellence of its training and research activities and strengthening its hosting services for international students and researchers in order to better support them and help them integrate.

Encouraging and enhancing university and campus life thanks to ambitious social, cultural and sporting programs

 Sorbonne University, whose campuses are in the heart of Paris, covers all major disciplinary fields and offers new transversal academic and research programs. In 2018, the merger of Paris-Sorbonne and Pierre et Marie Curie universities will transform Sorbonne University into a fully-fledged university with three autonomous faculties: Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences and Medicine.

Sorbonne University is working with Université de Technologie de Compiègne to define a framework for their integration as the future Engineering School. In the future, Université Panthéon-Assas may also rejoin us as the future Law School. In the coming years, INSEAD, the Museum of Natural History and our other members will be associated ever more closely to Sorbonne University.By bringing together the best talent in a wide array of disciplines, Sorbonne University offers transversal academic and research programs.


Sorbonne University is inventing new ways to study and teach, including integrating research-based learning at all levels. By renewing teaching methods, Sorbonne University is opening up new ways to gain knowledge in a specific domain as well as acquiring transversal skills. This includes reinforcing cultural and international openness.

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Prabira patra
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Physiotherapist From Palau

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Mudassar Hussain
Physician From Palau

my name is mudassar Hussain and I am the professional of Pakistan

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