Chongqing University


Founded in October 1929, and on May 31, 2000 , Chongqing University merged with Chongqing Jianzhu University and Chongqing Architectural College , forming a new Chongqing University.

The university now has a total enrollment of 57,472 students, among which 12,000 are master and doctor degree candidates.


Foreign students

Chongqing University has established inter-school exchange links with 32 institutions of higher education in 13 countries such as the U.S, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, South Korea , Russia, etc. Since 1970s, Chongqing University has started to receive self- supported overseas students.


In 2005, there were more than 130 overseas students enrolled to Chongqing University for study, doing PhD degrees, or Masters degrees, or bachelors degrees, or just studying Chinese language. Chongqing University has also established Chongqing University Foreign Students Scholarship for excellent overseas students.


Living Facilities and Environment

Chongqing University is located in the city of Chongqing, the center for economy, culture and transport in the South of China.

With the surging Jialing River flowing to its east, the towering Gele Mountain standing on its north, the campuses of Chongqing University provides a beautiful and comfortable learning environment.

The university has four campuses and very good facilities, such as library, stadium, swimming pool, basketball ground, and tennis court.

International Students Building have been furnished with public kitchen, laundry, gym etc. Often-used electrical appliances such as telephones, TV sets and air conditioners as well as network interface, desks, bookcases, separate toilets and showers have been equipped in each room.




Candidates from China

Physician From China

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Physician From China

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Physician From China

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