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Just at the juncture when Chinese and western civilizations clashed, National Tsing Hua University was born. During the last century, NTHU has established a glorious tradition of persistently pursuing knowledge, meticulously nurturing youth and strongly devoting to enrich our society in particular and humanity in general. To these ends, we developed comprehensive academic programs ranging from arts, economics, literature, and politics to various disciplines in natural sciences and engineering. Although over the years NTHU had encountered enormous challenges, it never waivers in its education mission, and adheres faithfully to the University Motto constantly strengthen and cultivate ourselves. With that, we now have such a proud legacy.
Recently, I encountered a medical technician during a routine physical examination. When this medical technician learned that I am a faculty member of National Tsing Hua University, he graciously and firmly said that: I want to thank Tsing Hua for fostering a large cadre of truly talented people to benefit society. Such words deeply touched my soul. It made me feel proud as a member of this Tsing Hua family where all faculty members professional goal is to mode our students to be pillars of society.
During the past two decades, Taiwan had noticeably increased its investment in higher education and witnessed a significant growth of the quantity and quality of its universities. NTHU, under the leadership of my predecessors and with the collective efforts of all faculty and students, has excelled in cultivating talents as well as upgrading our research programs. The fact that we have been able to move ahead and place ourselves at the forefront of all universities regionally and internationally is acclaimed. In the words of our eternal President Mei Yi-Chi: the greatness of a university emerges not from its magnificent buildings, but from its academic giants. With this as a yardstick to measure our current status, I am confident that NTHU is rapidly approaching the greatness definition of President Mei. As an outstanding Asian university in the 21st century, we are in the right place to establish a new mindset of globalization; and at the right moment to contribute to the development of this unprecedented venue.

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