Mongolian University of Science and Technology

The Mongolian University of Science and Technology ( MUST), was founded in 1969 as a part of the National University of Mongolia with 5 faculties and 13 departments and named as the Polytechnic Institute. The Mongolian University of Science and Technology, one of the Leading State Universities of the country, is situated on its extensive campuses in Ulaanbaatar City, Darkhan, Erdenet, Uburkhangai, and Sukhbaatar provinces. Among universities of technology and science in Asia, it was placed the 7th in 2002.

The Mongolian University of Science and Technology is a leader in the higher education reform process is dedicated to elevating the country standards to an international level by sharing knowledge and experience with the international community. International Cooperation has brought to the staff and students of Mongolian University of Science and Technology a great opportunity to learn and open its mind to a new world. The main problem engineering university is facing is the important lack of modern laboratory facilities and therefore limited practical experience. The establishment of research projects within many European Union programs in food technology, textile technology and in student service at MUST brought unlimited opportunities for our staff and students to be involved in valuable international exchanges focused on technical development.


MUST is made up of seventeen professional schools, colleges and 3 research institutes and 36 experimental and technology centers whose faculty offer educational opportunities to students ranging from first-year undergraduates through doctoral-level candidates in engineering, technology, and others.

Currently about 22000 students including international students are enrolling and enjoying life at the university, and 120 professors and over thousand staff is engaged in student training, educational and research activities, university administration and management.

It is also one of the largest centers for scientific and cultural exchanges in Mongolia.

The academic activities in the University abides the list of training fields made by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia, and according to the training programms and curricula designed for Doctor Degree (Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D.), Master Degree (Master of Arts – M.A., Master of Science – M.Sc., Master of Engineering –M.Eng., Master of Computer Science – M.CS., Master of Public Administration – M.BA, Master of Industrial Management – M.IM, Master of Information technology –M.IT) and in Bachelor Degree (Bachelor of Arts – B.A., Bachelor of Science – B.Sc., Bachelor of Engineering – B.Eng., Bachelor of Computer Science – B.CS., Bachelor of Public Administration – B.PA, Bachelor of Business Administration – B.BA, Bachelor of Industrial Management – B.IM, Bachelor of Information Technology – B.IT).

University for undergraduate or postgraduate study find the quality of both teaching and research is very high. Students are basically free to select any numbers of courses across the gamut of fields of their study so that they can engage in extensive and interdisciplinary study of their own particular interest. In order to meet the needs of community and society, the University organizes two forms of training for the undergraduate level as regular full-time training and in-service training.

The main thrust at Mongolian University of Science and Technology is on goal oriented research and development (R&D) relevant to the country’s needs. Ther University is setting up linkages between the University and industry both in the public and private sectors and to facilitate contract research benefiting both parties.

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