India Assisting Neighbours In Science Education and Communication Digital India Mobile Science Bus Launched In Kolkata

The National Council of Science Museums (NSCM) has been started a Mobile Science Bus and an independent organization under the Ministry of Culture for Digital India. The main aim of this Science Bus is to promote the Digital India with the help of Government. This Science Bus gives information about different features and benefits of Digital technology in different fields. 


Strengthening basic science education in Nepal and upgrading Bangladeshs science museum are the agendas of National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) help the neighbors communicate science effectively. Museobus, which accommodates 15 exhibits, was flagged off during the golden jubilee celebrations of the NCSM. The development of technologies related to computers and the internet has been displayed.


It also describes the role of the Internet, regarding World Wide Web and mobile phones in transforming the modern digital world. NCSM, which functions as a society under the union ministry of culture, is launching a big project in online science communication and grooming science teachers in the country. The digital technology impact has been showed on various.


Since we have the expertise in designing and running science centers across India, we will provide the necessary know how, scientific inputs, equipment and exhibitions to our neighbors to strengthen their science communication as part of our cultural relations exchange, NCSM director general G.S. Rautela told. We also have a proposal to do a science centre in Nepal. Their basic need is to improve their science education and so the name of the centre is science learning centre.


We want to give them basic sciences which will help children to learn the fundamentals. Currently, there are 48 centers and we are adding 21. But now, we are also developing virtual experiences. Lots of people cant come to science centers. So we will provide an experience online via a special portal. This will include virtual exhibitions. It will be launched in a couple of months, Rautela said.

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