5 Outsourcing Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making

Offshore outsourcing is an extremely profitable business venture. However, all it takes is a slight mistake to wreck the benefits and land your business in big trouble. To make your outsourcing project a success, you need to take immense care and avoid making any mistakes that may affect the project any which ways.

Here are some common mistakes made by entrepreneurs and ways how you can avoid them.

Only Specific Project Based Outsourcing

Project or task based outsourcing involves hiring service providers for the completion of specific tasks and projects as and when the need arises. This are basically short term contracts that cease when the specific projects gets completed. This is the wrong approach to outsourcing. Though the timely need may be furnished, this type of outsourcing is very short sighted. What one should rather do is focus on gathering long term valuable members for the company.

Companies often go to B2B websites in search of freelancers for a specific job. Once the job is done, they bid their adieus and the next time the whole process is repeated with someone new. It is so much better to have one particular outsourcing company which would offer their services every time you need them. This negates the need of searching for people every time you have some work. It not only saves time but also ensures that your business runs smoothly and consistently.

Outsourcing only for Cost Benefits

Outsourcing is an effective cost reduction business strategy. However, it is often the case when you receive only as much as you pay. Many businesses who select the cheapest service provider have realized to their misery that the deliverables are just worth the cost and nothing more. Therefore, while choosing a service provider, make sure you consider their industry experience and expertise in handling projects apart from the cost factor. This will make sure that your business processes are in good hands and will be managed efficiently.

Failure to Communicate Effectively

unication is an effective ingredient in outsourcing projects. It is important to inform your service provider about your needs and requirements and what you want to achieve from the project. More information translates into better understanding. Give clear instructions to your service providers and keep a copy of the same for your files so that you can use them again. Regular communication may require you to devote some time but it definitely pays off in the end. Moreover, as you get along you would notice that you don't need to communicate much and the service provider already has build an understanding.


ourcing does mean delegating work to a third party service provider. However, that doesn't mean you can totally forget about the outsourced processes. You need to check work on regular basis in order to make sure everything is well taken care of and give appropriate feedback to the service providers.

uation during the Outsourcing Process

out proper evaluation, you would never know how profitable is the outsourcing venture and what areas you can improvise upon. You need to monitor the outsourcing process to figure out how is the work going and whether it is gaining any dividends.

Maneet Puri leads LeXolution IT Services, a reputed IT Outsourcing company located in India. He has been associated with the offshore outsourcing industry for over 10 years and has catered to many international clients with internet research services, virtual assistant services and data processing services.

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