China storage racking industry

  After entering the 21st century, the racking industry in China has grown rapidly, more and more racking companies was established, the year of 2004, Number of Nanjing city racking companies increased by about 30 to 40, development speed was so fast.

Fast development of storage racking industry, has the following features:

For the nationwide of racking production scale, concentration is high. In domestic markets, about 70% shelves are made in Jiangsu, 20% shelves from Shanghai, 5% shelves are made in Guangdong and 5% from Beijing, Tianjin.

Medium-scale racking companies are the majority. Suzhou tongli racking (T-Racking), with own product equipments, sales service, production, packaging, transportation systems. Most other storage racking industry is zero inventory sales company, orders received by the cooperation with the processing plant for processing.

With China entry into WTO, world renowned logistics companies, shelf industry have landed in China. Despite racking industry in China is still in the stage of enlightenment, but as the abroad presence will present a number of new features.

First of all, technology of storage racking industry in China is single at present, and there is no corresponding industry standards, industry is relatively concentrated, needs only to select a different shelf opportunities for suppliers, and there are no opportunities to choose different shelf, shelf industry because the country is the same. After industry presence abroad, shelves there must be differences in product quality. So the competition will be intense.

Secondly, with the injection of more foreign investment in China’s market, will inevitably lead to an increasing number of enterprises to standardize the operation and improve efficiency from the third profit source of logistics, more and more people will come to understand the need for shelves, each enterprise is growing demand for shelves.


Thirdly, extensive open, will inevitably bring about decentralization of demand, nationwide has was, of course, causes the shelf industry from the current focus on gradually to spread throughout the country.

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