Chin Hair Removal Services By Dr. Rohit Batra

Chin hair is a common problem for many women and it becomes very embarrassing for them to have hair on their chin where they are not supposed to be. Chin hair happen mostly in women who are pregnant or are going through their menopause. Earlier, women used plucking, waxing, bleaching and other creams. Laser technique for chin hair removal is much faster and easier owing to the advanced technology. This treatment has many advantages over other methods like hair removal creams or shaving etc. Laser hair removal of chin may seem expensive but there is also a brighter side to it. The treatment has a long lasting effect and patient may not require repeating it every day or every week.

The number of treatments a person will require for chin hair removal is similar to that of a facial laser hair removal. This will depend upon the skin type and color, hair type and the color. Suitable candidates for chin laser hair removalare people who have light skin and dark hair. Practitioner will advise you with the best treatments available and you have to be practical about the results.

Our practitioner will advise you on the number of treatments they think you will need according to them to attain long lasting results. It is also possible that you are happy with the hair reduction which is visible, and require less laser chin treatment than expected.Treatment will be quite short as the area treated is small. Practitioner will first conduct a patch test before performing your first treatment session. The patch test will tell you how the treatment is like and how it will react to your skin. It will provide you with an indication of the results which you are likely to achieve from the laser treatments.  Chin is a delicate and a sensitive area and you will feel bit pain when compared to other areas of the body.

Dr. Rohit Batra Dermaworld skin Institute provides innovative treatments for common skin conditions such as eczema, allergies,laser hair removal. We offer skin care for peaple of all ages with the help of dermatalogists


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