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Legs Hair Removal Services By Dr. Rohit Batra

Removing hair from the legs is one of the most important aspects of a woman’s grooming routine. Shaving and waxing gives a longer result but can be painful also and removal creams can become quite messy. Most of the girls/women like to have toned and hair free legs and wants to get rid of them permanently to avoid daily regular expenses and pain involved. Results of laser hair removal for legs are much better when it comes to shaving. These days most of the women prefer having smooth and shiny legs and which is why there is now a huge market for products to provide them with a desired look and silky smooth skin. Moreover, the only long-term form of hair removal is laser hair removal. When laser hair removal treatments is completed fully on the legs, it gives a smoother result than even a freshly shaven skin.

Two things which should be kept in mind are that laser hair removal not fully removes the hair rather it is a long process and requires time. It is completed in 12 sessions but by using our Ultra modern Duet Machines it may end in 6-8 sessions. The process not fully removes the hair but will slow down the growth of the hair and you wouldn’t have to get rid of the unwanted hair every second day.

Laser hair removal for legs is not cheap depending on the amount of the surface area you want to get treated. Nevertheless, in comparison to the cost of buying other creams and treatments over the years, you would be making an effective and substantial saving overall. Even if this treatment doesn’t remove the hair completely, it slows the growth rate of the hair. Practically, procedure takes about an hour each for both the legs and it depends from person to person. In order to gain best results, you may have to follow-up treatments once or twice in a year.

Dr. Rohit Batra Dermaworld skin Institute provides innovative treatments for common skin conditions such as eczema, allergies,laser hair removal. We offer skin care for peaple of all ages with the help of dermatalogists


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