CAT Exam 2014 preparation strategy - how to go about it?

Cracking the CAT exam is not an easy job for anyone. And moreover it is not about passing the exam only. It is about getting a high percentile. The easiest strategy and tactics for successfully preparing for this competitive exam is focusing on your goal. Apart from determination and focus, there are some strategies you can adopt to ensure a good percentile. Read on to find out.

As the number of questions has been increased to 50 per section and sectional time has also been increased, it is evident that aspirants need to be fast and accurate in their attempt.

1. Be aware of strengths & weaknesses: Firstly you should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It would enable you to direct your time and efforts in a systematic manner. Then you would know where to devote your energy and in which areas you require more practice than the others.

2. Proper Planning: One needs to plan properly. Without plan, you might as well fail. The whole idea is to work according to a plan or a system which will enable you to focus on every area and make you an expert there. Once you have planned out your stuff and you know what to do when, then it becomes easy to tackle.

3. Take practical tests than reading theory: You must not rely on too many books. However, you can take aptitude tests from various sources such as online sources. Online sites have many tests so that you can check your progress and are aware where you stand.

4. Practice: Practice makes a man perfect. This line has not lost its relevance and will not do ever. Practicing hard would ensure that you become adept in solving the questions and become perfect in solving any type of question. You practice hard so that you are able to learn all the techniques perfectly.

5. Work on weaknesses: Do not ignore or defer the weak parts. If you are weak in some chapter or area, do not avoid practicing it and thinking that you would do it before exam. That would not help you. You must focus more on the weaker areas so that you become equally good in them too.

With right tactics, focus and practice, you will succeed to earn a good percentile in your CAT exam. It is not easy to reach an IIM. So you need to work hard. CAT exams are hard to crack and so you need to be focused all the time. You would need to give it time everyday and then only will you succeed in this. Remember it is not something impossible to achieve!

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