Why Enroll Your Child in an International School

There has been an increase in the number of International Schools (ISs) in the country. This is because of the rise in the number of enrollments to these schools over the past few years. Currently, there are 351 International Schools in India, and this is only predicted to see further growth.

What is it about International Schools that make them a class apart?

The biggest reason for this of course is the diverse range of educational boards that parents get to choose from for their children. Each of these educational boards cater to very specific needs, allowing one to decide upon a board after conscious consideration with regards to higher education.


International Schools are sought-after because they bring together children from different cultural backgrounds. Students can greatly benefit as it helps them develop a varied perspective and a much wider world view as they interact and grow with those of cultures that are not their own. It teaches children to adapt to the other’s way of life. It helps them accept that people come in all shapes and sizes and that every single one of them has a place in this world.

International Schools are praised for the scope of activities they give an opportunity for children to indulge in. This helps in a child’s holistic development, as it provides encouragement to one to explore beyond just academics. Extra-curricular activities of all kinds are encouraged, which provides a child with multiple opportunities to explore new things and find where his/her interest may lie. ISs focus on the holistic development of a child’s personality. A chance to participate in such varied activities can help build numerous life skills that can make one self-dependent and confident.

Children are encouraged to develop critical thinking. Children develop a mind of their own, which aids in making them independent.

When a child studies at an International School, he/she naturally transforms into a new being, with a much open mind, that is willing to see the other person’s point of view, and that helps one appreciate another culture, no matter how diverse it may be from their own.

There are numerous IGCSE, and IB World Schools in Bangalore. IGCSE, which was developed by the University of Cambridge, is widely recognized by scores of higher educational institutions across the world. Gaining education in a school that adopts the IGCSE curriculum greatly benefits a child as he/she will then have a choice of various higher education institutions to choose from. Employers, too, consider the IGCSE curricula as an all-inclusive curriculum which proves one’s academic achievement.

One of the most recognized International Schools which offers the IGCSE education in Bangalore is the Inventure Academy. With an ideal teacher-student ratio of 1:9, Inventure Academy is known for the quality of education it provides its students, maintaining a perfect balance between classroom learning and extra-curricular activities.

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