ARB Bearings Manufacturer Launches Automotive Bearings

ARB Bearings Limiteds are proud to be one of the leading bearing brand of India. We have achieved a new high by creating new ground of targets and quality.The product design starts at understanding the customer requirements in terms of products quality and thus delivering the required goods as per the delivery schedule.ARB Bearings Limited is setting a great impression on the Automotive sector at an unbeatable pace. We have created our own pitch for retaining professionalism in our company and setting goals for others to follow.

We have been actively participating in many Internationally renowned exhibitions & Events giving boost to our brand name all over the globe. And have been a keen learner to adapt the new requirements and changes expected in the Automotive sector.
With end-users becom-ing more discerning in the current global economic downturn, self-liubricated bearings manufacturer ARB Bearings Limiteds is raising the profile of its range of under-water bushings as the need for reliable and efficient equipment for underwater applications continues.

“These are difficult eco-nomic times, but there is still a considerable amount of engineering work taking place, creating an opportunity for us to entrench our product that can significantly save the customer money, while improving performance,” says ARB Bearings Limiteds sales manager .

The company has launched a marketing campaign high-lighting Vesconite and Vescon-ite Hilube products’ benefits for underwater applications. As part of its marketing cam-paign, the company exhibited its products for the first time at South Africa’s international water, waste and environmental exhibition, Afriwater, held in India, and regularly exhibits at overseas pump symposia.

“Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube are bushing materials designed for longer life and lower shaft wear in poorly lubricated, dirty or wet appli-cations,” explains the sales manager.

He adds that the Vesconite is an internally water-lubricated polymer bush material designed to operate under high loads, with low speeds and in dirty and wet conditions, where a long life is required. The Vesconite Hilube, which is an ideal pump bearing material, is an advanced grade of Vesconite that offers lower friction and has a longer life than the standard Vesconite.

He reports that the product absorbs less than 0,5% of water when immersed, giving a linear swell of less than 0,07% when compared with nylon, which absorbs up to 9% of its mass, causing up to 3% swell and a critical loss of clearance that can lead to seizure.

“The properties in Vesconite make it ideal for critical verti-cal pumps, where pump bear-ings are submerged in water,” he adds.

A further advantage includes the environmental benefits of Vesconite. “Being a water-lubricated bearing, there is no risk of harmful contaminants being leaked into the water when the pump seals or bear-ings start to fail,” ARB Bearings Limiteds sales manager says.

Further, the product has a lower thermal expansion than most synthetic materials and can be designed across a wide temperature range without the need for additional clearances. It is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, organic chemicals, solvents, hydrocarbons, oils and fuels.

Applications for the Vesconite bearing include flood water and river pumps, firefighting and service water pumps for offshore oil drilling platforms, high-pressure bilge pumps, cooling water pumps for power stations, irrigation and potable water supply pumps and high-pressure dewatering pumps for under-ground mines.

The product, which can run for over a minute in dry running or dry start-up conditions, has been success-fully used in a number of applications, including in a US-manufactured seawater pump for an offshore oil rig in Asia, which required a 30-second dry start-up once a week. The pump had a capacity of 150 000 l/m and a speed of 500 rev/min. The Vesconite Hilube replaced the rubber bearings for lower friction and the ability to handle a dry start-up.

The company, which was developed in 1958, currently exports to between 40 and 50 countries, including the US, Brazil, the UK and Australia. It is looking to expand into the US by obtaining its National Sanitation Foundation 61 cer-tification, which is required by a number of pump manufac-turers in the US.

“This certification is signifi-cant in our plans to expand into the US market, where we are only reaching 5% of our potential market base,” says . He adds that other large untapped markets for Vesconite include India and Italy, where some of the largest pump manufacturers operate.

“Apart from expanding into those markets, we are also focusing on growing into a number of different indus-tries, as well as looking to increase our supply into the maintenance and refurbish-ment market,”  concludes.

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