Nicaragua Clothing Tips and Guide - What to Wear

1. What do people wear in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua clothing for men consists of khaki pants, black pants, or jeans, with t-shirts or very lightweight shirts, or light blue checked shirts.

Nicaragua clothing for women consists of pants with t-shirts or buttoned shirts, or dresses. Nicaragua women usually tie their hair back in a ponytail or bun.

Nicaragua clothing is very practical and somewhat conservative. You rarely see Nicaragua men and women wearing shorts, except teenagers or local guides. However, Nicaraguans are accustomed to viewing tourists wearing shorts.

A lot of Nicaragua clothing is purchased in inexpensive stores that advertise "American clothing", and this Nicaragua clothing comes from surplus donated clothing in the United States.

2. What kind of clothing should I pack?

We recommend you bring the following clothing for your Nicaragua vacation: 2 pair of pants, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 changes of shirts, a rain poncho, swimsuit, a lightweight jacket, sunhat, sunglasses, a sturdy pair of sandals, and walking shoes with good non-slip treads. Walking shoes, hiking boots and sneakers will all be acceptable for the cloudforest. However, open-toed shoes and sandals are NOT acceptable in the cloudforest.

Quick dry clothing (especially a pair of convertible pants that zip at the knee to convert into shorts) is recommended for your Nicaragua visit. A pair of convertible quick-dry pants and a quick-dry shirt can be purchased from clothing manufacturers such as (1-800-950-1500), (1-800-644-7303), Columbia (at Sportmart) or L.L. Bean.

3. Do I need to wear a suit or tie for dinner?

The Nicaragua clothing dress code is casual. Men don''t have to wear a suit or tie at any place on the tour. The dinner restaurants in Granada and Managua do not permit shorts in their restaurants, and require men to wear long pants (not jeans or gym suits), and long pants or a dress for women. At all other meals, shorts or blue jeans are acceptable for both men and women.

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