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Dr Anjimile mtila Oponyo as Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education

  • 2014-05-16
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Malawi President Joyce Banda has appointed her young sister, Dr Anjimile mtila Oponyo as Principal Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

The ministry’s pokesperson Lindiwe Chide confirmed Anjimile Mtila Oponyo will be“ PS for Basic and Secondary Education.”

An educationist, Dr Anjimile Mtila Oponyo worked for the World Bank, International Monetray Fund and at the UN headquarters in New York for some time.

She is a graduate of George Washington University where she received her Masters in Education.

Anjimile Mtila Oponyo was hired by Madonna to run a school for girls the US pop star set up in Malawi, although that project collapsed and she was sacked.

Accoridng to published reports on Wednesday, Anjimile Mtila Oponyo reported for duties at the ministry’s Capital Hill headquarters on Monday this week.

Chide said the ministry now has four PSs, including controlling officer and secretary for Education, Science and Technology John Bisika, secretary for the Malawi Universities Development Programme Dr. MacPhail Magwira and secretary for Higher Education Lonely Magareta.

During the Bingu wa Mutharika reign, he appointed his brother Peter Mutharika first as a legal counsel when he took a sabbatical from a US University where he was a professor of law.

He later drafter him into his cabinet and anointed a successor, a plan which could not materialize as Mutharika died in office to pave way for Banda , who was vice president , to take over.

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