Skydive Dubai sponsors world record setting jump from Burj Khalifa

 Skydive Dubai just set another world record on Monday by sponsoring the dream of two professional skydivers to jump from the tip of the tallest building in the world –Burj Khalifa.

Following the record setting jump of Ernesto Gainza on April 5th where he skydived using the smallest parachute, French skydivers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet made another world record by jumping off the tip of Burj Khalifa on April 21st.

Now holding the Guinness World Record for the highest base jump from a building, the two explained that they had a year of training and preparation before the jump. They trained vigorously in Switzerland and also jumped off helicopters to make sure they are fully prepared to set the world record. Reffet said that he had been dreaming to do it ever since he first saw the magnificent tower which is 828 meters tall.

 They said that they did not do it because they like scaring themselves, they said they did it because they both love to fly. They also pointed out that the highest safety measures are always enforced whenever they jump and everything is always carefully planned.

Standing atop a specially constructed 3 X 1-meter platform at the very tip of the Burj, the two men wearing orange jump suits held hands and jumped off the platform and landed safely on one side of the building.

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