Hotel Management Job Vacancies in UK

If you can manage staff, and you want to get into the hospitality industry, this job could be ideal for you.

Hotel managers oversee all aspects of running a hotel, from housekeeping and general maintenance to budget management and marketing.


In this job will need strong business skills. You will need to communicate well, with a sensitive and diplomatic approach. You will also need to think on your feet to solve problems quickly.

To get into this job you could enter at a junior position and work your way up to management. Another option is to do a higher education qualification in a subject like hospitality management and go straight in as a trainee manager. An Advanced Apprenticeship in hospitality could also be a route in.

The work

As a hotel manager, your tasks would typically include:

    setting annual budgets
    analysing financial information and statistics
    setting business targets and marketing strategies
    managing staff
    organising building maintenance
    making sure security is effective
    dealing with customer complaints and comments
    making sure the hotel follows regulations such as licensing laws
    securing corporate bookings for entertainment and conference facilities.


Trainee and assistant hotel managers can earn around £19,000 a year. Managers of small hotels or deputy managers of larger ones can earn from £20,000 to around £35,000.

Senior or general managers can earn £60,000 or more.

Figures are intended as a guideline only.

Entry requirements

You could become a hotel manager by working your way up over time from a more junior position, such as front of house manager. This might be through an Apprenticeship scheme (see below) or through your employer’s own in-house management training programme.

Alternatively, you could first complete a qualification at higher education level then start on a hotel chain’s management trainee scheme.

Relevant higher education qualifications include foundation degrees, HNDs and degrees in:

    hotel management
    hospitality management
    hospitality business management
    international hotel management.

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