Strategies for Last-minute Preparations in CBSE Board Exam

''Applied numericals are so much easier''

Prep time

    Basic concepts should be clear.
    Physics paper has three major sections; modern physics ( 25 marks), optics marks) and electricity marks). Questions from modern physics are predictable but you can''t say which circuit diagram from electricity to expect.
    give more time to sections that are challenging.
    Diagrams and derivatives are challenging; practice them as much you can.
    Applied numericals are easier; practice and find shorter methods to solve, so you spend less time while attempting them.



Exam hall

    Three and five marker questions are quite predictable; start with five markers and finish them within 60 minutes.
    Thought- provoking numericals can be a trick; be smart and don''t spend much time. You have to score marks and it is not a self- challenging session.
    Choose numerical over theoretical options.
    Label the diagrams.


Prep Time

    Divide the whole syllabus into various sections. Spend three days to revise each section thoroughly and on the fourth day, attempt the sample paper. This way you will be able to revise the syllabus and finish the sample papers simultaneously.
    Study NCERT textbooks thoroughly and then move on to other reference books. NCERT books are simple but an absolute must to clear concepts.

Exam Hall

    Read the question paper properly before starting to attempt it.
    There are three sections in mathematics paper; six marks section, four marks section, and one mark section. While attempting the questions, be systematic and don''t mix sections.
    On an average you are allotted one- and- a- half minute for each point ( mark). So don''t spend more time than that. Don''t get stuck on a question. If you have a difficulty, move on to a different question and then come back to it.
    Set aside 15 minutes to revise the answer sheet.
    It is important to make sure that you haven''t made any mistakes.


Prep Time

    When students are appearing for the pre- Boards, revision should be complete. The point to have a pre- Board examination is to prepare students for the main examination.
    Computer science is like mathematics, one has to comprehend the concept and then it is easy to solve any problem.
    Data structure questions are standard but sample programme output section could be challenging.

Exam Hall

    Time management is very crucial during the preparatory leave period and during the examination, so time yourself accordingly and be very systematic while revising your syllabus and while approaching your test paper.
    Students should solve sample papers from last three to four years; the trend is that every two years questions are repeated. One sample paper a day should be attempted for next six weeks. Furthermore, the question papers remain more or less same, sometimes logic might change.
    Don''t panic and keep a cool head.


Prep Time

    Study NCERT textbooks thoroughly. If you do so, you can easily score 90 per cent, at least in chemistry.
    Solve CBSE sample papers.
    Focus on problem areas. You have six weeks left; you can easily cope up.
    Physical chemistry numericals are easy to crack but again focus on the NCERT textbook numerical questions.
    Some students find organic chemistry challenging.
    At this time, don''t revise the organic chemistry by concepts but everything in its entirety.
    Conversions, main reactions and logic questions should be practiced five times a day on average.

Exam Hall

    Organise your questions and never mix the sections.
    Draw graphics neatly and always label them correctly.
    Chemistry numericals are easy; choose numericals over theory.
    Be extra careful while attempting organic chemistry conversions and reactions. A minor error can get you stuck on the reaction.


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