Tip #1
The first step for every student should be to get a thorough knowledge of the latest syllabus by referring to the CBSE website. After that, they should make a time table for themselves which would provide them with a schedule that would help them plan their syllabus and concentrate better.



Tip #2
The one thing that students should note before sitting down to study is to make sure that the place in which they are going to study is free from gadgets like computer, TV, radio etc. Another thing that equally needs to be avoided is talking with friends while studying; they can do so when they are finished with studying or when they are free.

Tip #3
Students are also provided with previous year sample papers by many publications which can be of great help as they can be solved on an every day basis. They help in analyzing the mistakes that are being committed and that can be worked upon. By having the latest papers students get an idea of the type of questions expected, and the level of difficulty in the Board Exam.

Tip #4
In order to score high marks students tend to revert to the use of malpractices. In many cases, they cram down the syllabus, instead of trying to understand it. They need to understand that both of these methods are wrong in the present and for the future. Cramming without understanding, will take them nowhere and using wrong means can lead to them being caught and not being able to attempt the paper.

Tip #5
In order to feel fresh and energetic the whole day, students should always eat and sleep well. They should always have an early dinner and should not study till late night (specially a night before the exam). Fast food and greasy food should be avoided as much as possible and a habit of getting up early to study should be adopted.

Tip #6
Making notes and practicing all the problems by writing them down rather than verbally learning them is one of the best tricks to remember and understand the course. Students can also make brief notes of every chapter so that they can refer to them without needing to open their textbook every time.

Tip #7
Taking help when in doubt or in any kind of problem should be done by the students well on time. Doubts can be cleared by meeting the concerned teachers, friends and seniors.

Tip #8
The idea of not taking breaks in between and studying continually is a mistake often committed by students. Breaks are a must, but it should be kept in mind that they shouldn''t be stretched for a long time. Students can go for a walk for fresh air; they can stretch and take deep breaths to feel refreshed before going to study again.

Tip #9
Students should avoid mood swings and personal problems that may prevent them from studying and completing their work. They should always try and remain in a jolly and happy mood and ignore the problems that come in their way. This will help them concentrate better.

Tip #10
Students should always learn and practice time management. They should work on their writing speed so that they can write fast and neat and not miss any questions while attempting the paper.

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