Nursing Interview Tips

Interviewing effectively means you have to prepare for presenting yourself positively by discussing your background and career goals. Always remember, the employer will be most interested in your academic background, your work experience, and what you have learned. If you really want job then you need to do something that will give you an edge over the competition.

Nurse recruiters who interview countless nurses suggest specific tips for success that require investing time before, during, and after the interview. The nursing interview tips are as follows:

1. Know the institution

You have to learn all about the institution. You have to find out the patient population, growth plans, and so forth. You can talk to past and present employees and professional recruiters and review annual reports.

You can find out about the person who will interview you like:

1) What kind of interviewing style does he/she use?
2)What are her key concerns?

When you got the idea then you can prepare for it.

2. Evaluate Your Strengths

Write down about your strength as well as weakness. During the interview, you will be asked questions about your work experience, educations, skills, and interests. This is the time for you to stress your strengths. Use specific examples to illustrate your point whenever possible

3. Write or review your resume

Prepare your work history and professional accomplishments. You have to ready to discuss what you have listed. This process will force you to assess what you have learned and remind you of what you have to offer.

4. Practice role-playing

Practice makes man perfect. You can practice with different friends or relatives. Also you can practice by using a video camera or cassette player and playing back the tape.

5. Make a good impression

You have only a few seconds to make a good first impression. And remember that there is no chance for making first impression.
Following are some tips for good impression:
* Don't chew gum or smoke.
* Arrive 5-10 minutes early at the interview.
* Carry a folder or portfolio containing copies of your resume and a neatly typed list of references. Don't forget to give a copy of your resume to your interviewer.
* Be careful about your posture and your handshake.

6. Dress Appropriately

You should look the part you wish to play. You look like as a nurse. Minimize jewelry, make-up and overpowering fragrances.

7. Understand the goal

All interviewers need to determine four things about a job applicant so you have to prepare for the following:
* When interviewers ask about your qualifications that means they have to check for can you do the job?
* In Attitude they check for do you really want the job?
* Adaptability means they check for can you fit into the institution's culture?
* And in Affordability, they check for can you help contain costs, improve quality, or increase customer satisfaction?

8. Answer effectively

At the interview, how you answer a question is often more important than what you say.
* Always keep your answers brief.
* If there is a group for interviewing you, be sure to look at each member, but direct most of your answers to the one asking the specific question.
* When you are given the opportunity to ask questions, take advantage of it. You can ask questions like "How will the new hospital alliance affect your census?" demonstrates your sharp knowledge and awareness.

9. Follow up

You have to follow up within 24 hours with a formal thank-you letter. If a group was there for your interview then send a copy of thank letter to every person.

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