How to prepare Kids for a Brighter future

A child is like a plant and Teacher makes him a tree which is enriching with fruits and green leaves. A teacher is true messenger of God. A school is like a temple for students. It is their second home. It is like a holy place where they learn in order to develop their creativity and potentiality. My school also plays a vital role in my career by helping me to achieve better future.

With the motto ‘To Live and Learn for the Country’ my school Jyotikunj Education Foundation Pvt Ltd was established in 2046 BS.

Currently, the school is celebrating its 25th anniversary and it is one of the most prestigious schools in Pokhara Valley. Our school believes that every healthy child should have a strong foundation along with social and intellectual development. The school has formed various committees for the proportionate development of society and is in fact able to bring certain changes and awareness in society. The school is helping each and every child to achieve the goal in their interested fields. I am proud to be part of my school.

Five Steps to Prepare Kid’s to Lead the Future

1.  Build Character
The future requires great human beings.  Integrity, compassion, work ethic, servant leadership... these characteristics become even more vital with powerful tools and global reach.   Reputations can be destroyed overnight through social media.  Words last.

2. Expanding Communities
The concept of community is rapidly changing.   We must teach our kids to build responsible and valuable online relationships.  Connect around areas of common interest.  Proactively learn from global experts.  Actively contribute as thought leaders to these discussions.  The internet provides a powerful voice to the young and powerless.  Build an online network to leverage for future leadership.

3. Sustainability
As the planet continues to suffer from abuses and misuses, the companies of the future will have greater responsibility and more pressure for sustainable practices.  Teach kids now about caring for the planet and show them their ideas and actions matter.

4.  Purposeful Learning
With so much information available from so many sources, we must teach kids to proactively mine for the data they need–making connections and drawing conclusions.  Homework must evolve.  No more fill in the blanks.  Memorizing is mute.  In the future, employees will not be “trained,” rather taught how to think and use resources.  Build these competencies now.

5.  Focus
Future technology invites increased opportunities for multi-tasking.  Multi-tasking invites distraction.  Role model and teach kids how to prioritize, focus, pause, and build deep and connected relationships.

I hope it carries out its long term service and goes on producing skilled human manpower for the development of society as well as the country.



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