How to recover from Holiday Madness.

You may still be recovering from the rush of the holidays - work and family obligations, holiday shopping and all your countless other commitments may have left you bereft of energy. The New Year is an ideal time to assess the past year and make improvements for the year ahead. Here are some simple strategies to help you recover from the holiday madness and be more relaxed and focused for the year head.

Take some time to reconnect with your goals. Write down a list of the goals you accomplished last year and the ones you want to accomplish this year. Create a vision board, or simply outline them on a paper. The objective here is not to become overwhelmed by everything you need to accomplish; rather to take a step back and a fresh look at the year ahead.

Manage your energy. Again, some assessment is required here. Look at the past year and all those activities that took up valuable time or drained you of your resources. This is a good opportunity to organize your workload and other activities, and determine which is a priority and which are not important. This will better help you manage your time and reduce your stress.

    Don''t be afraid to delegate. The holidays may have left you depleted of all your energy. One way to guard against this in future is to delegate. Being productive during your day is important, but if it means you cannot be successful because you have too many tasks on your plate, now is the time to commit to delegating more in the New Year.

    Keep organized. One of the best ways to guard against stress is to organize your day. This is as easy as committing to developing a daily to-do-list.

    Learn to be more flexible - at work and at home. Tele-commuting, the connected workplace and other technologies mean that the lines between work-time and personal-time have blurred. Rather than resist this change, embrace it. While you may need to be flexible and respond to emails during your evening hours, you can also use this flexibility to your advantage. Personal needs - once relegated to weekends alone - can be addressed more easily since we are always connected, in and outside of the office.

    Understand the difference between important tasks and urgent tasks. Not everything has to be done now, and understanding the nuances between the two can mean the difference between stress and less stress.

    Commit to work-life balance in 2013. Balancing responsibilities between the needs of your job and those of your family can actually help you maintain good career success, and survive any "madness" throughout the year.

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