The Spiritual Law of Karma dictates ‘as you give, so shall you receive’ and ‘you reap what you sow’.

The Spiritual Law of Karma tells us that the vibration of thoughtfulness, kindness and graciousness are considered to be ‘good karma’.  When you send out these energies, they will be returned to you in kind.

Anger, hate and resentment are negative, damaging energies.  When you send out these vibrations, they too will be returned to you in some form. To the exact extent that we live and express these qualities (both positive and negative), at some point we will receive an equivalent back into our lives.

The Spiritual Law of Karma dictates that all karma is recorded and balanced.  Loving deeds, emotions, thoughts and words are ‘credits’.  Negatives are ‘debits’.  The Universe will call these up for us to experience when we least expect it.

According to the Spiritual Law of Karma, our families are our karma.  Our souls choose our family prior to our birth.  Difficult family relations and ties may be a consequence of unresolved issues and feelings, or situations in a past lifetime.  Our souls choose that particular family because it wanted another opportunity and chance to finally resolve issues and problems.  This offers us the lessons our soul needs to experience and learn.

By empowering and loving ourselves we are able to heal karmic relationships.

According to the Spiritual Law of Karma, mindsets that we bring into this lifetime are our karma.  If we have the self-belief and mind-set that we are lacking or ‘not good enough’, that belief will inevitably draw into our lives the people and circumstances that will make us feel weak and/or inferior.

Positive beliefs and mindsets create good karma in our lives.  Wonderful things then happen and enter our lives consistently.  We are responsible for our own beliefs and mindsets, so we must be aware to amend our beliefs if they do not serve us in a positive manner.

Our health is our karma.  Prior to incarnating (or reincarnating) we chose our family, our life challenges and our soul mission or life purpose.  We also chose our body and genetic predisposition.  Our moment-by-moment choices of emotions and thoughts affect our health and vitality.  This is our karma.

The balance sheet of our karma is known as our ‘Akashic Record’, which is a recorded history of all of our lives and life experiences and lessons.  Our karma is carried forward from one lifetime to the next;  therefore we may not experience the consequences of our actions until a subsequent lifetime.  Because of this, sometimes there is no obvious and/or visible co-relation between our action and its’ consequence.

The higher our spiritual vibration, the quicker our karma returns to us.  Many on the earth plane at this time are subjected to ‘instant karma’.  This means that whatever one gives out comes back to them instantly.  It is a sign of becoming more evolved because the ‘karmic balance sheet’ is being kept up to date, and the soul is not allowing karmic debt to accumulate.

The key to the Spiritual Law of Karma is:  ‘you reap what you sow’.

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