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Plumber receives huge money after refusing to charge woman

  • 2020-04-27
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 A 52-year-old plumber received £80,000 (Dh360,000 approx) in donations after a picture of his bill for zero pounds sent to a 91-year-old woman acute leukaemia was posted online.

James Anderson, from Burnley, shut his private business and has been fixing boilers free of charge for the elderly people in Lancashire. After the picture of the nil bill went viral, Anderson has been inundated with praiseworthy responses from people across the world. Many have come forward to pay off his debt as well offer him holidays.
"People are talking about doing it in America, France and Australia, and they're all going to contact me to get advice and guidance as to how to do it in their countries," Anderson was quoted as saying in Metro. Confirming he received 79,767 pounds in donations since Monday, Anderson added he wishes to use the donations to help to elderly and disabled people not just in the UK but across the planet.
"I had to lay two of the lads off because I couldn't afford it, then I had to go out and do the jobs myself as well as the paperwork, advertising, quotes and everything else. Now I can look at bringing them back," he added.
The increased visibility of Anderson's work has led strangers getting in touch to help him pay off his own debt, which he racked up since making the switch to not-for-profit work.

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