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A Filipina in Dubai living in Sharjah loses her pet, can you help?

  • 2020-03-05
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A Filipina living in Sharjah has been left distraught after losing her pet Shih Tzu.

Cheery Fronteras, 38, said her three-year old pet dog, Sabrina, went missing on Thursday morning.
Posters of Sabrina have been put up in Sharjah streets and also handed to vet clinics close to the Sharjah Animal market. Fronteras has also reported the news to Sharjah police and Municipality.
Fronteras said Sabrina went missing after her house-maid opened the front door to throw the garbage outside. “She did not realise the dog had come out as well. My house-maid threw the garbage in the bin and went back home, closing the door behind her. The dog unfortunately was left outside. We came to know that Sabrina was missing only an hour and a half later,” said the desperate pet owner.
Sabrina is micro-chipped but is not wearing a collar. The Shih Tzu was groomed just a day before she went missing, according to her owner. Sabrina was last seen in Hazana and Al Jassat areas of Sharjah.
“We have dropped posters in the areas close to where we live. Additionally we put up Sabrina’s pictures at nearby veterinary clinics and pet centres. I am just praying she is safe. Sabrina is precious to me.”
Cheery said: “The morning when she was lost, I was sitting in front of the computer around 7 am. She asked me to carry her and she hugged me real tight. Her eyes looked sad. It was because we took her to for grooming a night before and she hated it.”
“I told her “sorry baby but you need to be groomed so you will always look beautiful”. Then I put her down to do something in the computer. She sat quietly for few minutes and then she asked me to carry her again. She sat on my lap until I finished working on the computer.”
Fronteras got Sabrina to her house when she was just two months old. “My world changed after she came into our lives. She is my little baby. She would sleep, eat and sit beside me.”
She (Fronteras) said the family lived in Oman previously and recently moved to Sharjah. “Sabrina was with us through our entire journey. Losing her has been like losing me. I hope she is safe and we find her soon.”

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