Things to Know About Lip Filler Treatments

Has the increasing number of celebrities getting lip filler treatments convinced you to get your lips plump? If yes, then you have come to the right spot. Getting any kind of treatment can be scary because of the unknown outcome but worry not as here is everything you need to know about lip fillers:

You have several options

You have many lip fillers available. Restylane was a popular choice in lip injections in 2015. It is an advanced option and is similar in composition to the hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural occurring substance in our bodies which is responsible for the plumpness of the skin.

This option is more long lasting and safer. The other option is collagen which can require a four week allergy test. Collagen is extracted from bovine hides. One more option is to take fat from your own body and inject it in your lips. However, this lasts the shortest as the fat is reabsorbed.

You decide the amount

You can control how fuller lips you want. With hyaluronic acid fillers it is possible to control the amount injected in your lips. Too much of anything is risky. You have the control in your hands, you can decide during the process whether you need more or not. Depending on your lips, you may only need a few fillers to get the job done.

It is non-surgical procedure

These are not considered surgical procedure because it is just injections not implants so it is not really a surgery. It can be performed easily with just topical numbing solution.

It does not have to hurt

The pain can vary depending on who is doing the procedure. People use numbing gel or dental blocks so it usually does not hurt.

It is affordable

Lip filler treatment is definitely not cheap but it is not too expensive either. It depends on the location where you are getting the treatment from and the number of injections you get. However, it is not ideal to go to a dermatologist just because of affordability. The biggest concern should be the outcome of the procedure. Of course as a general rule, the more experienced the doctor, the better the results will be.

Possible Side Effects

Lip fillers have gotten rather common but there can be side effects. Common complaints include redness, swelling, bruising or pain. However, these side effects can be treated and generally go away within few days. However, if you feel that lumps have formed then it is time to consult the doctor. This is why it is recommended only to use experienced doctors and clinics.


Lip filling treatments are getting more and more advanced and as a result only a fraction of people have the possible side effects. It is important that you assess how much of the fillersyou need. Consult with the doctor beforehand and get only the required amount. It is everyone’s right to look their best and if some fillers can make your lips plump and make you look beautiful then why not?

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