Career in Advertising Communication and Media Marketing

Of all the forms of communication, advertising is one of the most exciting one. If you want to project a particular image for your organization and product or if you want to pass on a particular message, like national unity, brotherhood, or donate blood, etc., you should take help of a good advertising agency for excellent results.

Mostly, advertising agencies work on behalf of those who want to advertise their products. An advertising agency understands what their client wants to communicate, develop campaigns and brings it to the target audience. In some cases however, large organizations have in - house advertising departments to handle such works.

There are various aspects of media planning. The clients needs have to be understood in all its entirety. Afterwards, from the available data from the primary and secondary sources data is collected and lot of research work is done. Thus, a cost benefit analysis becomes a must.

A lot of groundwork and research is vital for a successful advertising campaign. An advertising agency may employ its own personnel or commission an outside agency for the job. In the early stages of advertising, the ability of professionals depended solely on contacts.

These days, however, in the face of cutthroat competition, camaraderie has given way to hard work.

Then comes the interesting field of media buying. You must have a flair for marketing and good communication skills because it involves negotiating on rates and getting the best deals to ensure the highest profit for the company. Another important job is media scheduling.

Once the deal has been struck with the media houses, the actual delivery of the advertisement material, availability of space in media has to be worked out. Therefore, the media scheduler is responsible for the actual output of the advertisement in the specified media.

To get field of advertising and media planning you will have to do a course in advertising and then specialize in media planning. It's very important to choose the institute judiciously, by enquiring about its infrastructure facilities, faculty, placement record and salaries offered to freshers from the institute.

A course in economics, mathematics or statistics is often helpful. This helps the professional to delve into demographic and psycho graphic reports and in analyzing data. The contemporary media planner has to work with electronic media is an absolute must.

Now-a-days candidates with a strong background in mathematics and statistics are in a favorable position simply because there are more numbers to deal with in the job.

The best way to get into the field after a course is to get some on the job training. All the good institutions offer internship as part of the curriculum.

Internship programs are of two months duration. Studying at institutes like MICA (Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad) could cost you up to Rs.1 lakh per year. But at government and some other private institutions, the fees are much lower.

Salary is generally not a constraint for the suitable candidate in this industry. In big companies, salary could be above Rs.10, 000 per month for a beginner. This will, of course, depend on the individual's merit, qualifications, and experience.

Some of the giants in advertising and media planning that most students dream of working are Hindustan Thomson Associates (HTA_, Ogilvy and Mather (O&m), McLann Erickson, Leo Burnett, Grey, R K Swamy - BBDO, Bates, Mudra and Redifussion Dy and R among others

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