Why is Audio Transcription Better at In-House Services?

Conversion of audio into text or transcripts is called audio transcription services. The sound from the audio is converted into text by an expert transcriptionist. Online Audio transcription services can be classified into verbatim, non-verbatim and intelligent verbatim services. Verbatim audio to text transcription services as the name suggests is a word to word transcription. It includes expressions adding everything from sounds like ‘hmm’ and ‘um’. Non-verbatim transcription services filter the uh, hmm, uhm, like, I mean and other stutters and stammers to provide only the transcription of the actual content. Intelligent verbatim audio to text transcription services is all about excluding false filters as you know, like, what I mean and repeated words. But here non-standard languages are included.

Verbatim Transcription is used in professional operations like

  • Court proceedings need to maintain legal records and verbatim transcription services comes to aid here
  • Insurance companies need verbatim transcription for accurate insurance claims
  • Data management has become an integral part ofresearch for interpretation of verbal data.
  • It is used in the field of journalism to process voice recordings into reports for publishing
  • It is used in the field of education to convert audio of lecturers into content for easy distribution among students.

Benefits of Audio Transcription Services

Audio files come in varied formats like wma, mp3, mov, wav and the options are endless. In order to minimize conversion losses, it is important to have the high-quality audio file. Poor quality takes a lot of time and leads to an improper understanding of the message conveyed in the audio.


The reason why audio to text transcription services is required by business is for material documentation. It is easier to keep track of any transaction in a documented format. Consumers are always on the lookout for cheap audio transcription services to fulfill their documentation needs.

Need for cheap Audio Transcription Services

Meetings, conferences, seminars, lecturers are recorded in audio format for reference. These need to be documented for review and analysis. Transcription services handle in-house audio type sounds with great confidence. Moreover, they have an eye for detail. While recording, information can go amiss with noise taking over the recording. Audio may not be audible. Speakers come with an odd accent making it difficult to understand and the transcription requirement increase making it tough for in-house staff. Such hurdles can be overcome hiring a cheap audio transcription services.

The success of online audio transcription services depends on hiring experts in the field and using exceptional tools. The tools make it clear to understand the audio and convert into text format. In-house transcriptionist does not have access to these tools and hence the output is compromised. Inaccurate transcription could be detrimental to your business any twisting of fact can cost the company heavily. Handing over the task to online audio transcription services delivers economic feasibility. The focus on your core business remains affected if the task of transcription is left to in-house staff. Moreover, audio transcription services offer competitive rates saving cost in the long run. If you are looking for a quick turnover, the best alternative would be to hire a professional. One-hour transcription and same day transcription guarantee accuracy and timely delivery.

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