How DevOps and ITIL® can coexist together?

Of late, AWS DevOps is a software development methodology that has been adopted by major organisations to bring synchronisation among various IT departments and software developers, and integrate development, infrastructure, support and security. In addition to this, there are also many companies that prefer to implement ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) lifecycle.


However, with the two being hot favourites of many, there are still many organisations which aren’t able to make optimum utilization of ITIL® or AWS DevOps, and some companies which grapple with the question how to implement both efficiently. This article will have a look at what is ITIL® and AWS DevOps and then conclude with a discussion on whether AWS DevOps and ITIL® coexist together.




Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers IT infrastructure services to organizations through cloud computing. With this approach, there is no need for organizations to procure servers and other IT infrastructure, as the facilities of the same is provided by the AWS in minutes. Thus Amazon Web Services offers dependable, flexible, and low-cost infrastructure platform.

AWS DevOps


AWS DevOps combines “operations” and “development”. It helps to deploy and manage applications and infrastructure rapidly and smoothly.  DevOps on AWS platform is considered one of the best ways to boost collaboration, communication and information sharing between software developers and professionals in other IT departments. It also supports the automation of software development and delivery phase. To be specific, it has been designed to create an environment wherein development, testing, and software release is possible without any hassles – easily and reliably.


Uses of AWS DevOps


It offers a common platform for design team, testers, DBAs, sysadmins, and other IT professionals so that they can achieve the project goal.




ITIL® helps organizations to make optimum utilization of IT resources. Its methodology focuses on operational activities, principles, tasks, and management techniques to streamline project processes and execute the project plans efficiently.


AWS DevOps and ITIL®


Many organizations have a common question: can DevOps and ITIL® methodologies coexist and if yes, how? The answer is yes, they can. It depends upon how judiciously an organization implements them. Given below are few practical methods by which AWS DevOps techniques can be used under ITIL® based environment.


1. Identify topmost ITIL® processes: There are many ITIL® based processes. Thus picking up top processes and teams that would contribute to success is very essential. In addition, identifying failure/inefficiencies in ITIL lifecycle is equally important.


2. Identify DevOps initiatives: Identifying best DevOps initiatives as per organization’s requirements and implementing them under ITIL® framework can lead to success. However, focusing solely only on DevOps methodologies and ignoring ITIL® framework may not help the cause. 


3. Improved collaboration or automation: DevOps can help to bring improved collaboration, communication between software developers and other IT departments. It is also used for automation of service processes. When DevOps initiatives are combined with ITIL® framework, they help to streamline project process and optimum results can be obtained.


4. Team harmony: With ITIL®, operational activities can be managed efficiently using different phases of ITIL® Lifecycle. On the other hand, DevOps techniques can be used to identify reasons for success and failures which could impact the organizational goal. Thus, synchronization of both can ensure best service delivery within the set deadline.


DevOps Training


For candidates who are interested to learn AWS DevOps, approaching a globally recognized organization and getting enrolled for DevOps Training or AWS certification training is the best option. Working professionals can also choose online training option such as AWS online training or DevOps online training.

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