How important is a CEH and CHFI certifications for an IT Organization?

Cyber-attacks are one of the greatest threat to IT organizations as they can bring down a company’s reputation in no time. With growing sophistication in technology, the cyber threats are also proliferating and becoming very difficult to track down and quarantine. The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) a certification body supported by many organizations introduced Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certifications. If you want to learn more about Ethical Hacking, take up the course, Ethical Hacking Training.


Who is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)?


CEH is the first and one of the best certification to provide the methods and techniques to penetrate the computer systems. This certification changed the way the IT organizations handled the cyber-attacks. The certified professionals think and act in the hacker’s perspective, which is the main reason to find the loopholes in the organization’s network. After finding the vulnerabilities, the professionals will work towards securing the computer networks.


Who is a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)?


CHFI on the other hand not only identifies, tracks the cyber-criminals, but also prosecutes them for this illegal act. Based on the available data, the forensic investigator collects evidence against the security breach and reports the criminal activity. Then conducts the audit to save guard the system from future attacks.


Prerequisite to take up the CEH and CHFI certification:


  • For the CEH certification, the candidate is required to possess two years of working experience in the Information Security department.
  • There is no prerequisites to take up the CHFI certification. However, it is recommended to take up CEH certification before CHFI and in this case it is not mandatory to clear the CEH exam.


Benefits of CEH


  • With the help of CEH, the business stays alert on all malicious content in the cyber space. This increases the security of the business proceedings.
  • Having the knowledge about the known vulnerabilities, business organizations can set up a standard for their business.


Benefits of CHFI


  • The CHFI credentials help to develop high-risk standards for business operation.
  • CHFI gets all the necessary legal requirements for the organization in place by collecting evidences of security breaches.
  • CHFI also helps in finding out the deleted documents by doing a complete research on history of the computer system. This also helps to analyze the images and gather more information from the network logs.


Target Audience of CEH


The target audience for the CEH training and certification are Security Professionals, Site Administrators, Networking professionals, Auditors etc.


Target Audience of CHFI


The target audience of CHFI training and certification are Law Enforcement Personnel, Security Officers, Military Personnel, Bankers, System Administrators etc.


Though both CEH and CHFI have overlapping concepts, both the certifications are important for an Organization to fight against the security vulnerabilities. If you are interested to learn the Ethical Hacking course in Delhi, enroll on to the online Ethical Hacking Training. Professional trainers will walk you through the course material for better understanding. You can find your understanding level by taking online Assessments.

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