Which is better MATLAB or Python?

A quick look at MATLAB®


MATLAB®, a commercial tool, offers computing environment that allows data processing; data and function plotting; user interfaces development; incorporation of algorithms, and interaction with programs created in other languages such as Java, Python, Fortran, C and C++. The application of MATLAB® includes spacecraft; automobile safety systems; LTE cellular networks, and health monitoring devices. MATLAB® tool is also used for signal processing, computer vision, machine learning, communications, image processing, control design, robotics, etc.


A quick look at Python


Python is an open, free, high level, dynamic programming language. It is designed with a special stress on code readability and its syntax supports coding in a few lines. Featuring dynamic type system, vast standard library, and automated memory handling, Python Programming coding supports object-oriented programming; threading, access to databases, functional programming, networking, and many more.


MATLAB® or Python – Comparison of Features






MATLAB® is designed for analyzing and solving engineering and scientific problems.

Python supports multiple programming paradigms. Hence Python coding will help to design and work on different requirements. Thus, coding on Python will help to create tools to analyse and work on scientific problems


MATLAB® offers a plethora of in-built features which allow to do computational mathematics and analyze the results with the help of built-in graphics. This visualization helps to gain insights from data.

Python is a dynamic programming language. Hence it provides an environment to create programs for computational mathematics and graphics generation for analysis of the mathematical data.


MATLAB® is not an open source tool neither a freeware.

Python is open source tool .


MATLAB® is a tool for the scientists and engineers, who are just getting started with simple programming for mathematical computation without the use of Object Oriented Programming concepts.

Scientists may have to invest more time compared to MATLAB® to understand and create a tool capable of matching results of MATLAB®.


MATLAB® cannot provide programming functionalities to match Python capabilities

Python provides an extensive standard library that cannot be matched by MATLAB® for programming purpose.


Individuals starting with computational math may find MATLAB® easy to understand compared to Python

Python language involves high level programming for creating a tool which matches MATLAB® features. Hence more time investment is required by the aspirants who do not have programming background.


MATLAB® is extensively preferred for mathematical computation; analysis and visualization over Python by the individuals without deep knowledge about coding.

Python can as better as MATLAB® for mathematical computation; analysis and visualization provided the individual is well versed with coding.


Conclusion: MATLAB® is best suited for the scientists and engineers who do would like to use in-built features of MATLAB® and simple programming techniques for conducting technical computing. However for scientists who want to move beyond the features MATLAB® offers, programing in Python would be the best option.


MATLAB® Online Training


Candidates who want to learn MATLAB® or want to enhance their knowledge can opt for MATLAB Online Training. The training done from a recognized organization following 360 degree learning approach will be of worth.


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