10 Beginner Tips for a Professional Look

Here are 10 camera tips for beginners that I like to share. If you follow these tips/rules you should get better quality camera movements.
Of course there is always the artistic freedom. But if you are a beginner I suggest you start with these tips.

Feel free to correct me when I'm wrong somewhere and feel also free if you got any questions.

If people appreciate these tips, then I'l post more in different categories.

Cheers and have fun!

1. The most importent is your ash. If you want a conversation to look
natural, then [u]never go over your as[/u]h! This is a simple example of two people talking. When more people get involved it could get a little tricky sometimes.
Of course your can choose the side of the ash you want. But once you have made a chose, don't cross it!

Image: yapperdesign.com/images/forum/theash.png

Rember, you will always have an ash in your videos. For example, when you're filming a driving car. The ash will be the street. If your car comes from the right side and drives to the left side of your sreen. Make sure that the next shot is the same. Or your viewer will be disoriented. Now if you do need to cross your ash, make sure you do this on a proper way. For example crossing it while filming, a travel. Or a sky shot, but that's a harder because you will need a helicopter :-) another example could be a shot of some people cheering for the driver.

2. Never put your subject in the middle of your framework. But work in pieces of three, as well in horizontal and vertical. Also make sure your horizon is never in the middle, but place it one of the 2 horizontal lines. The same for your subject, place it on one of the vertical lines.
Image: yapperdesign.com/images/forum/threep.png

3. Think about your framework. Don't show one arm or a nose in the side of your framework. In other words, don't cut something. Make sure the person is fully or at least most of it in your image or leave him out. Unless it's your meaning to do it.

4. Don't only think about your framework, but also what's happening in the background. Make sure there is nothing that takes the attention away from your subject.

5. Try to create depth. Remember that all our captured videos are 2D. So to create depth you can put for example an unsharp lamp in the foreground, your subject sharp in the middle and an unsharp painting on the wall in the background. This will create some depth in your video image.

6. Try to film in a camera angle of 45° or 225° sometimes. Or like the real name says in "3/4". It creates a more pleasant and more synoptic view. The cirlce in the image is a person's head and the dot on it is his nose.
Image: yapperdesign.com/images/forum/34img.png

7. Give your person in the video image head and walk space against your framework. When the person is not walking but looking somewhere or talking to someone, give him "look space". So if he is talking to someone and he is looking to the right side of your framework, then place him on the left side to give him "look space"
Image: yapperdesign.com/images/forum/subjectspace.png

8. If you want to film someone make sure you cut him in his joints but a little above or under it. For example, a walking person. If the downside of the framework should be in his knee cavity. Make sure it's a bit above or under it. Same thing for all the other joints on a person.

9. I call this the "puppet show" effect. Which we rather don't do! This means that you person is walking on your frame. So his feet are touching the framework. That's not good, so make sure you film him so his feet are above the framework or under it, so you will cut him there.

10. The last tip; always look if your horizon is straight. There is nothing more ugly and annoying then a crooked horizon.

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