In 2016, what are the causes for Cyber-attacks and how to bring in Cyber-Security?

With the drastic growth in Information Technology, cyber threats are also taking giant forms. As per the survey conducted by The Economic Times in January 2016, it was found that cyber breaches in India have increased to 41%. It is inevitable to learn how to form a secure cyber space, if you would like to safe guard your belongings. A proper Cyber Security Course and Training will definitely help you thwart cyber-attacks and keep your online bank accounts, emails, social networking accounts, etc. secured.


Percentage of various cyber-attacks that occurred worldwide


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The above pie chart shows the worldwide statistics of different cyber-attacks that occurred in the beginning of 2016. Among the various cyber-attacks listed, Cyber Crime tops the list and covers 60.6% of the cyber-attacks. With this statistics it is very clear that the IT systems should be secured to a great extent.


In January 2016, Derek Manky, Fortinet global security strategist has said to CNBC that “Every minute, we are seeing about half a million attack attempts that are happening in cyber space.”


Hence, each and every organization that uses the cyber space should plan very rigid and effective InfoSec policies. Following are the few things that should be considered for cyber-security:


Cloud Services


Cloud Services have become the recent trend and most of the business proceedings are moved to cloud. The IT department should take full responsibility of the cloud services and formulate very stringent protocols for these cloud based services so that hackers don’t benefit out of it.


Internet of Things (IoT)


With the advent of Internet of Things, all the devices started to exchange data and many organizations has started to do business on Mobile Devices. Though business is happening on the fly, there are lots of threats that creeps in due to mobile devices. The organization should maintain confidentiality, set up proper firewall settings and block malicious sites.


Proper Usage of Credentials


The internet and intranet users should secure their online accounts with proper credentials. The password given to secure their account should be unique and should not a mere give-away.


Sharing too much info on social-media


The current trend that ruling the world is sharing information and current status on the social media, and social networking sites voluntarily. This is a biggest threat and a hot piece of cake for every hacker out there.


Cyber-Security Courses and Training


As the need for cyber-security is increasing, the aspirants can learn the effective ways to improve Cyber-Security, through professional Cyber-Security Courses and Training. This training will inculcate the technical skills and knowledge to implement security measures in the IT systems.



The aspirants who are interested to learn about the Cyber-Security course can enroll themselves to the online Cyber Security Courses and Training program. Certified trainers will take you through the course for better understanding. The aspirants can also opt for the other learning solutions such as corporate training, Boot camp training, classroom training etc.

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