How STAAD.Pro can prove out to be a useful tool in civil engineering?

STAAD.Pro is equipped with a host of useful features for the creation of a structure or model, considering the limiting factors such as force, load, displacement, cost, and many more. This increases productivity and lower the cost, as duplication of work is avoided, and hence, workflow is streamlined.

STAAD.Pro for civil engineering

With STAAD. Pro features, be it designing a building, factory, bridge, culverts, petrochemical plants, or any architecture, anything is possible as the software enables users to design, examine, and develop structure of any material type, such as concrete, timber, aluminium, iron, steel, etc. In addition, complex structures can also be made using its advanced features which include dynamic change revision and management. Other features which can be utilized for the creating complex architecture are:

1.       Multiple views and zoom with graphics editing and text editor

2.       2D/3D graphic model generation with rectangular/Cylindrical Coordinate Systems

3.       Geometry generation with the options to Copy, Mirror, Repeat, Pivot, and other functions such as reusing parts of repetitive geometry to build a structure.

4.       Orientations, loading, support system with sectional views

5.       AutoCAD DXF files import

6.       3D shapes – Elements, Frames and rotation from different angles for full 3D viewing.

7.       Plotting with size, origin, distance and size.

8.       Analysis of 2D/3D models with Matrix method for developing bigger structures

9.       Availability of components such as Beam, Tapered Beam, Truss, Shell, etc., and design of concrete Beam/ Footing/ Slab/ Column based on international codes.

Besides these limitations such as gravity; dead and live loads; lateral loads; time-dependent effects like creep, shrinkage, and cracking at various periods; seismic related issues, and other factors can be taken into consideration.

How STAAD.Pro Training can be useful?

All in all, the list for building simple or complex structures using STAAD.Pro features goes on. In fact, the list is so big that it is beyond the scope of the article to list each and every feature and explain them. However to understand all features of STAAD.Pro completely, one can take help of an organization which has been into STAAD.Pro training. For busy professionals, STAAD Pro Online Course is one of the best options, as it allows professionals to study as per their comfort.

To sum up, STAAD.Pro course will help civil engineers to sketch, analyze and create innovative structural designs which would be robust and elegant.

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