4 Signs Identifying the Need of Managed Hosting

managed hosting
Irrespective of the setup size, every entrepreneur has to make suitable arrangements to run its company website to make itself available 24/7 via web. Rising use of computers, internet and digital devices have revolutionized customer perceptions about service providers. Before visiting to avail services from a specific vendor, they consider checking company website.
This makes almost impossible to ignore the need to create an online presence. Traditionally, entrepreneurs installed their own datacenter within the premises of their workplace. Later, with advancements in computing technology, specialized IT service providers started providing complete infrastructure and hosting services. Their primary aim is to facilitate business owners to focus on their core business functions.
Being a business owner, all you need to do is to keep yourself updated with the latest technological solutions to implement the most suitable. This not only enables you to improve service quality, but also empowers you to grow your business. 
When it comes to selecting a suitable hosting service to run your business website, there are plenty of options from dedicated, shared and managed to VPS. It has been observed that startups usually pick shared options as they are not so sure about their business needs. This is a pretty fine choice as it doesn’t put them on danger of losing huge capital. Practically, they are not buying machines and resources to operate them; they are actually leasing the services from a service provider, which can be discontinued any time.
You might be efficiently running your company website with a great team, now started seeking to outsource this function either to free up your valued resources or to reduce infrastructure cost, can execute these tasks after selecting a suitable hosting firm. All you need to do is to first identify the need to adopt newer technologies and suitability with your business. 
Here I am sharing four signs depicting the need of managed hosting; every entrepreneur should consider who are independently tackling this function in-house. 
When production takes more time
This can be due to poor system design or growth in business. In both the conditions, production consumes more time rather than serving clients. If you are experiencing the same situation, don’t delay to outsource data storage to a third party to get the best services for 24/7. Whether it’s your system fault or the rising number of customers, delegating such functions to third parties provides scalable solutions. Now you can truly focus on core business functions, it will eventually increase products and service quality. 
When your website experiences frequent downtime
This can happen in both the cases, whether you are using shared servers or in house data devices. Frequent downtimes are usually due to the system inefficiencies. As you are sharing the space on the same machine with other clients, it may result in slow or no service, any time when neighbouring client is uploading and updating files on the server. Whereas, in case of in-house system, power fluctuations and limited storage space, can slow down your website. In order to resolve these issues, data should be migrated to the servers of suitable service. They ensure 24/7 uptime that positively affect your business and relationship with clients.
When you can’t hire resources to oversee the system 24/7
Obviously, it’s not possible for the same person to keep on checking the efficiency 24/7. During this era of tough competition every business owner has to find a suitable way to look after their system all the time. To execute such needs, you can either hire additional resources, which can be difficult if you are a small startup, as you are short of funds. Besides this, you can avail the services of an external vendor to enjoy round-the-clock services without keeping yourself busy all the time.

When the sensitive data is accidently exposed
You might have chosen shared hosting services due to its low service charges, now experiencing accidental data leakage on the internet due to weaker security measures of service provider system, you should consider transferring your data to a dedicated machine of the service provider offering managed data storage. Don’t ignore asking about their security levels. Especially if you are dealing with sensitive information, double check the security arrangements of your service provider. 

These are four common signs indicating the need to avail managed hosting services not only to ensure data security, but to also improve efficiency of services. 


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