Why you should know about Windows Azure?

Microsoft Windows Azure is one of the leading providers of cloud computing facilities in the IT industry. Participants of Windows Azure training programs get to know about the use of cloud facilities for routine tasks. Skills of participants that are developed here are helpful to understand Azure related tasks and ways of execution. 


Skills of Windows Azure taught to participants


The following are the various skills taught to aspirants during this training:


  • Managing Windows Azure through use of the Azure portal, SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio
  • Configuration of disks and virtual machines
  • Handling the current Azure subscription account
  • Creation of Azure virtual networks and implementation of point-to-site networks
  • Management of the Azure Active Directory objects
  • Deployment, configuration and monitoring of cloud services and websites

Trend in application development


A significant number of companies are moving towards hosted applications and services from regular application development. This trend has led to the growth of Microsoft Windows Azure. In fact, technology leader Microsoft has created premium infrastructure in order to support enterprise cloud application development. Companies like Microsoft are slowly looking to take the burden of limited storage space on to their shoulders.


Today the need for enterprise clouds to host a large number of enterprise applications in the emerging market is very high. Additionally, the existing Microsoft skills in the enterprise are also being focused on lowering the overall cost.


How is Windows Azure being used?


Microsoft Azure allows its client company to create and manage infrastructure solutions with the help of Virtual Machines. Along with this, it becomes possible to manage mobile, web, media and line-of-business applications. One can also manage user identities and accounts access with Virtual Machines. Courses in Azure are available for beginner to advanced levels, so that an optimal cloud platform can be created.


Training on Fabric Controllers


The Fabric Controller in Azure manages services such as deployments, configuration changes and various upgrades. Data centres are viewed by it as an entire environment of shared resources. Changes are orchestrated by it automatically as per the instructions given by developers. Training on Fabric Controllers is quite important for the aspirants of Windows Azure.


 Latest Windows Azure News


As per latest news, Microsoft wants to offer its entire public cloud offering as a fully packaged private cloud. Exactly the same codes and services, as available in Windows Azure, can be packaged for a company to purchase. The goal of this is to achieve ‘one Azure ecosystem’, which will provide common tools and technologies in both the versions.


If this takes off, there will be a large number of Microsoft Windows Azure data centres around the world, which are only 22 at present. In this case, they will provide better job opportunities for Windows Azure trained professionals. Get to know more through Microsoft Windows Azure Certification.

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