A description of the ITIL Foundation training program

The core principles of IT practices needed for IT Service Management in an organisation can be learned only during an ITIL Foundation training program. In this program, aspirants are taught about terminology, structure and basic concepts of IT Infrastructure Library, which are necessary to increase business productivity.


At the initial stage, students are required to go through the foundation level. Here they obtain only a general level of awareness about concepts, terms and key elements across the ITIL service lifecycle. Links between various lifecycle stages, processes and contributions to service management are also explained to the aspirants. To clear this level, students need to give the ITIL foundation examination. Following this, if they wish to progress further to the intermediate level, they can do so.


Target group for the program


The following persons are best suited to attend the ITIL Foundation course:

·         IT professionals who wish to improve IT Service Management within their companies

·         IT professionals who already follow ITIL practices and want to update their skills

·         Business leaders and managers belonging to any domain


 How important is ITIL?


The uses of ITIL are vital to an organisation for many reasons. As implied above, it helps to align the use of IT services with strategic business objectives. Both business development and IT can now work hand-in-hand to determine the growth pattern of an organisation. There are a large number of IT service management processes, and it is the job of professionals trained on ITIL to determine which of these has/have to be used. Processes are analysed as per the different phases of ITIL, mentioned next.

Key phases of ITIL


There are five distinct phases of ITIL V3 service management. They are:


ITIL service strategy- The goal here is to create service-level requirements which can then be delivered to the service design phase. First it is determined which services will be offered to particular user communities. After defining these, the following step is to come up with important attributes for the service. Important service attributes are cost, security policies, performance, availability and time to deliver.


ITIL service design- Storage function plays an important role in this phase. As per service-level requirements, storage is required to make plans on how data storage requirements will be achieved. This phase results in a service design package which includes details on the end stage of the storage solution.


ITIL service transition- It is here that the service design package is put into operation. With proper change management and deployment principles in place, the storage function makes service desk level 1 and 2 teams. Service and technical documentation are also done here.


IT service operation and Continual Service Improvement- This team plans storage technology and technology upgrades. Operations are monitored and service improvements are supervised during Continual Service Improvement phase.    

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