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Career Growth with ITIL

  • 2015-12-30
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Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a management approach that is commonly used as an industry standard alignment of IT services with the needs of a business enterprise. ITIL is a globally identified framework that describes the approaches, procedures, tasks, and checklists that are not precise to any single organization.

ITIL gives us a practical framework so that we can  identifying, plan, and deliver the IT services to the business fuctions of an organisation. Therefore, ITIL is primarily associated with the Information Technology sector and is as a result being carried out in a diverse range of industries. IT professionals who possess an ITIL certification have always been valued by organizations who have adopted the ITIL framework as an internal IT standard.

Benefits of ITIL

·         Through ITIL, organizations are able to meet the delivery of the service in more professional manner and hence be able to ensure customer satisfaction.


·         By implementing ITIL, has greater visibility of IT costs and assets which further help in better asset utilization and reduced hidden costs.


·         ITIL also helps in improved delivery of third party services through its specifications.


·         ITIL recognized qualifications are a standard certification for all people within the IT profession across the world.


·         Learning how to implement ITIL tools and techniques, to improve your efficiency and effectiveness at workplace.


·         ITIL helps people in learning common language for service management that applies across hierarchy so that it can be useful.


·         Get differentiated from others to get recognized for your expertise by your colleagues both inside and outside the organization


·         ITIL is designed to help everyone think about new ways of working, new ideas and approaches for improving and satisfying the customer needs and user experiences.


·         ITIL helps people to understand the processes and models that give a service provider a competitive edge.

For whom is the ITIL Certification Beneficial

·         Individuals who require a basic knowledge of the ITIL framework.


·         IT professionals who are working with ITIL in an organization


·         One who wants to improve the quality of IT service management within an organization.


·         Mid-level and Senior-level professionals in the IT sector.


ITIL is one of the most in demand certifications by IT professionals nowadays, many organizations and companies are looking for ITIL certified people there are various advantages in stream of IT Services Management.


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