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Dubai hospital waives 2million AED fee, lets maid fly home

 An Ethiopian maid who was in a coma for over seven months has been flown home, leaving behind a $544,520, or Dh2 mn bill.

The 27-year-old patient, Najaat Mohammed al-Nurye, first came to the UAE in July of last year seeking to work as a housemaid. However, less than 48 hours after her arrival she collapsed and was unable to breathe, reported Gulf News.
According to investigation results, Nurye was suspected to have ingested poison “in attempt of suicide.”
Since the incident, the Ethiopian resident received treatment at the International Modern Hospital.
The hospital’s CEO, Dr. Kishen Pakkal, said that Nurye returned home to Addis Ababa on Thursday after awaking from her coma. In recent days, the patient was only able to open her eyes and cry occasionally, she added.
Despite the massive bill and with no other organization stepping in to compensate for the expenses, the hospital waived the health fee.
On this Pakkal said: “We feel being united with her loved ones was the best humanitarian gesture we could have extended to her.”

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