niharika agarwal haldiram

Soan Papdi:
Soan Papdi is a crispy & tasty Indian dessert made for Diwali celebration..!

This flaky sweet is made with besan, All pupose flour, sugar, ghee and  is flavored with cardamom, saffron strands, almond and pistachio bits...!

Also this is a kids favorite sweet due to its exotic crispness.
Here comes the very tasty all purpose Diwali sweet recipe..!

Give a try n enjoyy..:)

•    Gram flour        - 1 cup
•    All purpose flour    - 1 cup
•    Ghee            - ¾ cup
•    Cardamom pwd        - ¼ tsp
•    Sugar            - 2 cups
•    Water            - 1 cup
•    Saffron             - a generous pinch
•    Almonds        - 6
•    Pistachios        - 6
1.    Combine both flours together in a wide bowl.
2.    Heat ghee in a fry pan.
3.    Add the flour mixture and roast flours to golden brown.
4.    Add cardamom pwd, mix well.
5.    Remove from heat to the wide bowl.
6.    Allow to cool with occasional stirring.
7.    In a separate heavy sauce pan, prepare sugar syrup by dissolving sugar and water.
8.    Continue heating with stirring, until it reaches 2 ½ thread consistency.
9.    You can check this by adding a drop of syrup in cold water, it should form a ball, which can be flattened easily, when taken out of water (  ie. Soft ball stage ) or  press a drop of  the syrup between thumb and forefinger and gently pull apart, you should see two threads of the syrup .
10.    Getting correct sugar syrup consistency is the secret of  the softness of this sweet.
11.    Now add the crushed saffron threads.
12.    Mix and pour the hot syrup in flour mixture.
13.    Beat well with a fork until it forms flakes.
14.    Add grated almonds and pistachios.
15.    Transfer it to a greased tray and pat it to 1 inch thickness.
16.    Allow to remain for 30 minutes.
17.    Now cut into pieces and serve.
18.    Yummy Soan Papdi  ready to enjoy friends..!

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