Air Ozonator

Weiber is a specialist in the field of ozonator established by a group of technocrats with wide experience on ozonator. Weiber manufactures ozonators for making the air free from pollution. Its main function is to clean indoor air and prevent air pollution in an easier way. Weiber offers smooth working, operation, low maintenance and cost effectiveness, smerged as a major player in offering quality solutions, unbeatable services to clients which are simply meeting the industry standards.

An Ozonator is a device that creates ozone gas. This equipment is used to kill bacteria & viruses. Ozone gas is a very strong oxidizer and disinfectant, which is commonly found in nature. Ozone is produced by ultra violet light, lightning (corona discharge) and almost any electrical discharge. This equipment is equipped with transformer for high voltage output and cool operation.

Air ozonator reduce indoor bacteria, allergy, asthma, hay fever, home respiratory problems, mold source, odors, pollutants, pollution. It controls air contaminates like bacteria, bad odor, formaldehyde, germs, pathogens, and virus. Air ozonator improve the air quality by reducing many indoor pollutants that filters alone are unable to trap. Weiber Air Ozonator is simple to maintain and their compact design with convenient carrying handle make them comfortably portable.

Salient Features

  • Non-Conductive electrical enclosure
  • Transformer for high voltage output and cool operation.  
  • High ozone production and cool operation

Application of Ozone Generators

  • Packaged Drinking Water
  • Water Treatment Sewage
  • Swimming Pool Treatment
  • Textile Effluent Treatment
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Bleaching Paper & Pulp
  • Landscape Architecture

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