Air Sterilizers

Weiber Air Sterilizers are absolute dynamic sterilizing-cleaning equipment, used to disinfect continuously and dynamically at the presence of people, and there is no side effect for people. These Air Sterilizers uses Biological HEPA Filters and Washable Ionizer for air sterilization. These equipment can effectively prevent breathing problem, asthma and skin diseases.  Air sterilizer is a broad-spectrum bactericidal agent and can be used to kill various kinds of microorganism.

The sterilizer is strictly designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 13485-2003 quality system. It is implemented by International relative standard. The sterilizer conforms to the CE standard. The performance is stable and the quality is reliable. Air sterilizers move air through the passive process of air convection

These Air Sterilizers are suitable for Houses, Malls, Call Centers, Offices, Hospitals, Operation Theatres, Cinema Halls, Banks, ATM Centers, Air-conditioned Buses, Air-conditioned Railway Coaches, etc. Healthy air is the basic necessity for health and life. So it is very important to improve the air environment for living. The sterilizer is energy-efficient, requires no maintenance and has no expensive filters to replace.


Salient Features

  • Restricts the breeding activity of viruses.
  • Enclosed structure to prevent secondary pollution.
  • SARS specialized sterilizing machine
  • Automatic control entire Sterilization process.
  • High efficiency sterilization
  • It adopts special purification fan with large air flow rate and low noise;
  • Germicidal agent automatic failure detecting and warning function.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply    

10%±230V AC / 50Hz

HEPA Filter

99.97 % efficient


 ≤45°C .

Disinfecting Time:

45 minutes


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