Air Cleaner

The air cleaners from Weiber are designed for efficient removal of air pollutants such as disease causing bacteria and viruses, dust, pollen, mould, spores, dust mite faeces and other allergens from the indoor air. Our Clean Room air cleaners offer six-stage filtration for maximum purification efficiency. They are capable of eliminating larger contaminants, as well as the tiny ultra-fine particles from the air we breathe. The equipment uses aluminium static plasma filters with more than 99.9% efficiency for removing dust particles and HEPA filters with a purification efficiency of more than 99.99% for removing drifting dust particles, pollen grains and germ particles even as small as 0.1 microns in size. Weiber clean room filter works on four basic principles of air filtrations.
Our pharmaceutical air cleaners are also equipped with activated carbon for the elimination of harmful gases and a TiO2 semiconductor photo catalyst that effectively restrains the activation of viral particles. The ionizer purifiers of our air cleaners generate electrically charged ions that aid in the removal of airborne particles, whereas UV lamps produce ultraviolet radiations for maintaining antimicrobial conditions within the working area. Weiber manufactures and supplies both standard and customized electronic air cleaners with lowest prices, standard specification and universal usage for pharmaceutical industries.

Working Principle of Air Cleaners
Our electronic air cleaners employ powerful UV lamps for irradiation of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungal spores present in the air. The UV irradiation causes permanent damage to the molecular structure of the microbial genetic material, therefore prohibiting their growth and reproduction and eventually leading to their death. The UV lamps are effective against all strains of bacteria and even the disease causing viruses. The clean room filters are capable of achieving around 97.6% sterilization against all kinds of microorganisms.

Our air cleaners use activated carbon for the adsorption of volatile chemicals and harmful gases and their removal from the environment. The activated carbon is quite capable of removing smaller molecules, but may remain ineffective against large sized contaminating particles. To combat this problem, they are used in combination with other filter technology such as HEPA filters and ULPA filters for maximum filtration efficiency.

The highly efficient HEPA filters trap these microbial cells and effectively remove them from the air circulation. They physically entrap the particulate matters as the air circulates through them, removing particles as small as 0.3 microns with around 99.97% efficiency. The HEPA filters used in our air cleaners display a higher rate of efficiency, removing even 0.1 micron sized particles with around 99.99% efficiency.

Our custom made air cleaners also use aluminium static plasma filters that combine the properties of passive mechanical filters as well as electronic air cleaners.  They contain a supercharged negative ionization filter and a positive charged electrostatic filter. The combination leads to the formation of a static electric field that causes ionization of the air borne contaminants and their neutralization and subsequent removal from the air circulation. The contaminants that are not destroyed due to ionization are trapped by the electrostatic filter. The aluminium filters are completely washable and reusable, therefore they also help in reducing the cost of operation.

Our economical air cleaners also employ ionizer purifiers that use charged electrical surfaces to generate charged ions. These charged ions attach to the particulate matters, imparting them an electric charge and therefore facilitating their electrostatic precipitation and subsequent removal from the air circulation.

Our tailor made air cleaners are also equipped with a photo catalyst to facilitate photo catalytic oxidation of organic contaminants. They use TiO2 semiconductors as photo catalyst for the oxidation and subsequent removal of most of the organic contaminants present in air.

Our air cleaners are equipped with pollution sensors, including odour sensors and particulate sensors, for the detection of harmful gases and contaminating particles in the indoor air.The pollution status of the indoor air is displayed in red/yellow/blue on an LCD display. Our air cleaner units are also provided with LED indicators and alarms for UV replacement, HEPA filter replacement and electric static plasma filter cleaning for increased efficiency of the equipment. They feature an in-built integrated circuit for selecting the auto mode, allowing automatic or manual operation of the equipment and setting of the timer and air sensors.

Key Features

  • UV Lamp: The UV lamps are appropriately placed within the air cleaner to prevent the growth and accumulation of microorganisms in areas that may be partially shaded from the UV light.UV irradiation has microbicidal properties, often providing a sterilization rate of more than 97.6%
  • HEPA filters: highly efficient at removing dust particles, pollen grains and germs with a purification efficiency of more than 99.9%.
  • Aluminium Electrostatic Plasma Filter: leads to the formation of a static electric field that causes ionization of particles and their subsequent removal. Washable and reusable aluminium filters to reduce the cost of operation.Purification efficiency of the filter is more than 99.9% at removing dust particles and other air borne contaminants.
  • Activated Carbon: adsorbs the volatile chemicals and harmful gases, facilitating their removal from the indoor air.It provides an adsorption area of more than 700,000 square meters.
  • Ionizer purifiers: facilitate electrostatic precipitation of charged particles, therefore reducing the contamination levels. 4 easy to clean carbon fibre heads are used for continuous generation of high density ions.
  • Photo catalyst: use of TiO2 semiconductors for photo catalytic oxidation of organic contaminants.
  • Safety Switch: switches off the unit automatically when the front panel door is open.
  • Pollution Sensors: the odour sensors and particulate sensors detect the presence of volatile gases and other airborne pollutants.
  • LED Indicators: Indicate the pollution levels in red/yellow/blue.
  • Auto Alarms: auto alarms and LED indicators for replacement of UV lamps, HEPA filters and cleaning of aluminium electric static plasma filter.
  • Auto Mode:It is controlled by the in-built Samsung IC to set MANUAL / AUTO / TIMER / AIR SENSOR mode according to the specific requirements.
  • Power Music And LED colour Screen Technology: Pure Zone-651 lays out its enchantment of humanistic technology.

Technical Specifications

Product size


Net weight


Applicable area


Power rating


Air flow volume


Voltage supply

220V, 50Hz

Noise level


Ions generated

8,000,000 ions/cm3

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