Clean Stoker

Weiber manufactures Clean Stoker to maintain the cleanliness integrity of clean room garments during storage. It can effectively purge and remove particles such as lint and dust ingress on the clothing fabric. Clean Stoker features a quiet, direct drive, variable- speed blower mounted above a HEPA filter rated 99.99% 0.3m, and delivers a continuous downstream that block the inrush of contaminants into the storage area, as a result, helps garments virtually free of particulates. Door of the scientific equipment is made available to make movable and curtain type. Available to change the ventilation rate needs. It has acquired Quality Process Certifications of ISO13485.Weiber specializes in both standard and customized Clean Stoker.

Weiber supplies tailor made Clean Stokers to electronic industry, pharmaceuticals, food processing and many more areas. It offers unmatched prices, specifications and usage for various research laboratories. We are counted amidst the prominent manufacturers/ developers, distributors /suppliers, engineers/service providers and exporters of supreme quality Clean Stokers in India.

Salient Features

  • Avoid Pollution
  • Easy installation
  • Available to make movable door and curtain type
  • Available to change the ventilation rate for need
  • Specious
  • Class Grade :Class ISO5-ISO8
  • Convenient for take clothes.
  • Easy installation & low price

Technical Specification

Main Body

Steel Plate with  stoving varnish or stainless steel


PVC or toughened glass


Curtain or movable door

Clothes Hange

SUS304 or  plastic


20 pcs clean clothes


Class 100





Machine Type

High Pressure Cleaner