Down Flow Booth

Weiber offer easy solutions to control your dust and vapor in the form of down flow booth. Our equipment is designed to protect workers from breathing unsafe levels of particulates during material handling operations. Air flows from the booth ceiling, down across the operator’s head, and into a grille below the operator’s waist level, thereby drawing particulates away from the operator’s breathing zone. Weiber designs both standard and customized down flow booth for clean room application.  The containment booths are economical and offer unmatched usages and specifications.

Weiber tailor made down flow containment booths are engineered to provide high levels of personnel protection, with the flexibility to enable a multitude of process operations to be carried out. Weiber is a leading manufacturers / distributors/suppliers/developers/exporters/engineers/service providers of Down flow units in India.

Construction Details-Weiber dispensing units are constructed from stainless steel in fully ducted designs and utilize dedicated air supply and exhaust fan sets, both are normally fitted with input and exhaust filtration systems to HEPA standards (99.99% filtration performance).

Salient Features

  • Powder handling or tipping requirements
  • Electrical wiring to client standards
  • Digital thermo regulator
  • Physical Barrier by antistatic PVC curtains
  • Materials of construction to suit process
  • Easy installation
  • Low price


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Agri-chemical companies
  • Dispensing of raw materials
  • Chemical industry

Technical Specifications


Aluminum framed HEPA filters with a minimum efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 micron.

Air flow

90 FPM (0.45 m/s) / 10 FPM (0.05 m/s)

 Noise level 

65 / 5 DB

Motor / Blower assembly

Direct drive continuous duty ¼ HP with sealed bearings.

Pre filter

Washable type pleated pre filter with 90% efficiency.

Particle Containment

Particle Containment (OEL < 100 µg/m3)


Stainless steel, satin non glare or painted

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