Material Handling Air Shower Tower Flow

Our material handling air showers (tower flow) are enclosed chambers ideally installed in front of a clean room to prevent the entry of contaminating particles within the working area. The Clean room air showers are specifically designed for the elimination of surface particles from the materials, clothes and skin surfaces of the personnel, prior to entering a clean room or controlled environment chamber. Our material handling air showers find widespread use in semiconductor manufacturing units, animal research facilities, pharmaceutical production units, micro fabrication industry and in basic and applied research laboratories.


Working Principle of Material Handling Air Showers (Tower Flow)

Both the doors of our material handling Tower flow air showers are interlocked and magnetically operated. They are permanently energized and open instantly when the open door push button is pressed. Once the user enters the air shower cubicle, he/she can start the shower cycle from the inside. The shower cycle is programmable and can be set as per the requirements of the industry. Both the doors of the unit remain locked till the shower cycle continues, to prevent the entry of external contaminants while the air shower is operational. Once the Tower flow air shower cycle is completed, the personnel can exit through the exit door. The one-way mode of operation allows the user to enter the air shower cubicle, but he/she cannot exit through the entrance door, therefore controlling the traffic patterns into and out of the controlled environment chamber. Moreover, the pre-purge function of our modular air showers allows the unit to self-clean in a power-on mode. The pre-purge time is also programmable and can be set between 0-3 minutes. Air shower principle is based on subjecting the personnel through adequate velocity of clean air coming through a pre filter assembly.
The air present in the air shower cubicle is continuously circulated through the filter assembly, comprising of pre-filters and HEPA filters. The filter assembly physically entraps the contaminating particles and removes them from the air circulation. The efficient fans and blowers blow the filtered air into the air shower cubicle through adjustable nozzles at appropriate face velocities. The turbulent air streams produce enough shearing effect to loosen the dust particles and other particulate matters from the external surfaces, causing their wash down with the air stream. The air shower cubicle is maintained at a slightly higher pressure as compared to the outside to prevent the contaminating particles from entering the cubicle when the unit is at rest.  Air Shower specifications are in accordance with the US Federal Standards.

Product Description
Filter assembly
Our quality control air showers are equipped with top mounted pre-filters and HEPA filters for the removal of particulate matters as small as 0.3 microns in size with a filtration efficiency of more than 99.97%. The pre-filters can effectively remove around 85% of the particulate matters, therefore reducing the contaminant load on the HEPA filters and increasing their efficiency and life span. The filtered air is released through adjustable nozzles, arranged in a uniform pattern on the walls and ceilings. The pre-filter unit is fully washable and is made up of non-woven synthetic polyester, whereas the easy to clean HEPA filters are made up of glass pleated non-woven fabric filter.

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