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My most life unravelling perspective shift was in my teens as i read about extraordinary men & women who were changing the lives of the common people. These Heroes as i consider them took everyday problems & tackled them in the most innovative of ways to solve them. What was astonishing was that many neither took up formal education or dropped out to not become bondage labourers of the modern world. Now we know them by the term “ENTREPRENEURS”. They inspired me pursue a similar dream & conquer a fraction of their accomplishment. I thereby attempted to solve everyday problems faced as a student, a traveller & a consumer, set out to create ingenious ventures namely Pocket College (Implemented across 40 educational institutions), Pax Hotels(35+ Hospitality providers) & Qlots(50k+ users having driven 1cr+ revenue). But realised that they did not facilitate everyone in the grassroot level though widely successful endeavors. After pondering over the dilemma while relating it to our current tech ecosystem, have finally been enlightened with the root of the cause. The one thing that we all can't get enough of, no matter where we are from, or what we do, is WISH for more & more MONEY. But it was the deprived & poor whose need for even the most basic of essentials with limited scope to earn or save that had me appalled. Their need drove me to dedicate all my energies to mine the current landscape for an avenue. I am now elated to affirm that not only have I uncovered but also successfully engineered an incredible platform that ensures anyone in need is remunerated fairly for their efforts. Introducing VishUmoney -Empowering people to achieve Monetary Liberation. We comprehensively strive to uncover the true value of a person’s existence in this digital age thereby enhance their current financial reach. Doing so, our users would care & interact about the better things in life, Facilitating them to transition from a money tensed individual to a Life enriched Soul.

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